Are women more beautiful than men?

by Vita Nuova 61 Replies latest jw friends

  • wednesday

    women are generally more beautiful and easy on the eye. a well built man is not bad to look at either.

  • StinkyPantz

    I'm a heterosexual (dare to say bi-curious) female, but I still find women more physically attractive.

  • ball.

    The animal kingdom has many examples of the male species being the most beautiful, bearing striking colours, long fins, feather plumage and so on in order to attract a mate. I find it strange, therefore, that in humans, women are the ones who wear makeup. And if your a man, all you need is to flash your cash.

  • SheilaM

    First Mr. Shutterbug obviously you haven't seen some of the women I've seen. YOU can't tell me there aren't some butt ugly women and just as many butt ugly men....

    Now for my answer, I think there are some very beautiful women ther are some good looking men but I think that my Thunder is beautiful. I guess it's the artist in me, the way his eyes look his Roman nose etc. Sometimes I just say "MY GOD YOUR BEAUTIFUL" he hates it of course but besides being a nice looking man he has some fine artistic qualities Makes me want to photograph him or paint him ...NUDE of course

  • ball.
  • desib77

    Yes, I feel women are much more beautiful than men...

    It is funny with humans the female is more attractive but with most animal species the male is more attractive to serve as a distraction from the female.

  • Mulan

    Women without makeup? No

    Just like all animals in nature, birds too, the women are more easily camouflaged. Men don't need makeup, hairspray, curlers, (well some do). They have curly lashes, etc.

  • TonyT

    They are from where I'm sitting.

  • Stefanie


    he gets my vote!

  • Simon
    Are women more beautiful than men?

    Hell yeah !!

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