Modern-day Israel's Identity

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    That's right Zep, NONE of the books 'tfs' mentioned are free, BUT, the big difference is that they don't hide behind secrecy. These men are right up front about what they're selling and what information they are offering. My earlier post was referring to the ex-bethelites and ex-elders we have on so many forums, who tell you what they know of the shady dealings of the WTBTS. One on one conversations.. not books.


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    Israel Identity today.

    The bible is clearly written for and exclusively for Israel only.

    Jesus command to the deciples was:-
    (1). Mathew 10:-verse 6. But rather go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.
    (2). Mathew 15:-verse 24. But He answered and said, “I was sent only (notice this means exclusively) to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.”
    (3). Ezekiel 3:- verse 4. Then He said to me, “Son of man, go to the house of Israel and speak with My words to them. 5. “For you are not being sent to a people of unintelligible speech or difficult language, but to the house of Israel. (notice exclusively again).

    Later on Paul and others went to the Gentiles. Of which there is much confusion about who are the Gentiles. The Catholic church has spread the rumour that the Catholic church is Israel and all the others outside of the Catholic church are Gentiles. The root of the word Gentiles is Genus which means “your own genes”. In other words they are Israelites but outside of the kingdom.

    More importantly, who are the Israelites, and where are they today?
    Some people try to say they are lost forever and are not to be found anywhere.
    But, do you think Jesus would send His deciples to a people that could not be found? And this was an on going commission even today.
    Unfortunately there is very much confusion amongst all who call themselves Christians today.
    The simplest way to look at is, to follow through from Jacob and his seedline.
    God told Jacob that his name is no longer Jacob, but Israel. From there on all of Jacobs seedline were and are called Israelites. They were never Jews. This is where most people have been confused, they thought that if they are called Israelites they must be Jews. Not so.! All of Jacobs seedline are Israelites and not Jews.
    How then can we trace who are Jacobs seedline. And then we can start to examine who are the Jews? Todays modern Jewry are not in Jacobs seedline. They will tell you they are from Edom-Esau. It is found in their own writings.
    (a). New Standard Jewish Encyclopaedia, 1977, page 586.
    (b). Jewish Encyclopaedia 1925, book 13 5-41.
    (c). Jewish Encyclopaedia 1904, page 41.
    (d). Encyclopaedia Biblica 2, column 1187.

    These are called Edomites from Edom. Edom is well south of Palestine and these (self called Jews to deceive the nations) never lived in Palestine. Later on they moved north to Kazakhstan in south west Russia and became known as Kazars. They were and still are the Israelites (Jacobs seedline) and Gods worst enemies today. These Edomites are from Esau and have an inbuilt hatred for all of Jacobs seedline today. They are the ones that own all the banks and cause all the depressions and bankruptsies. They are the ones who mercylessly tortured and murdered 110 million white Christians in Russia and Ukraine during the Bolschevic revolution as far back as 80 years ago. They were the architects of communism around the world. They were the initiators of the last two world wars and financed both sides with war machinery and laughed and laughed and rubbed their hands together and their greatest harvest is war, and to finance both sides and to see kindred peoples killing them selves off.

    How can we identify the Israelites (Jacobs seedline) today
    Some say Jesus was a Jew. He was from Nazareth in the state of Galilee. The true Jews have to be from the tribe of Judah and have lived in the state of Judea as their home town. Jesus came from the tribe of Judah but lived in the state of Galilee.
    Having sorted out that confusion, the bible will now make much more sense to you in all the old and New Testaments.
    Identifying who are Israelites (Jacobs seedline) today.
    We have to go back to the Covenant that God gave to Abraham.
    Genesis 17;verse 1-9.

    The Articles in the Covenants are:-
    1. Israel was to be a Great and Mighty Nation. Gen 53; 18.Who could this be?D
    2. Israel’s name was to be “Great”.Whose name is called “Great” Great Russia? No Great America? Now, how is it that England is called :”Great Britain”?Notice the words “Great Britain” Britain means “covenant people! The tribe of Ephraim and Manasah settled in England then later went to America as the pilgrim fathers.
    3. Israel was to be exceedingly fruitful. Gen.28: 14; 49:22,26 Num.23:10.
    4. Israeli was to spread abroad to the West, East, North and South. Gen28: 14 27:6,
    Please note that the Modern day Jewry are not in this picture at all are they?
    5. Israel was to have a Davidic King. Queen Elizabeth come from the line of David. Jer33: 17, 21, 26; Exe.37:24 and other places
    6. Israel to continue as a nation forever. 2 Samuel 7: 16, 24, 29. And other places
    7. Israel’s new home North and West of Palestine. Isa. 49: 12, Jer 3: 18.
    8. Israel to have control of the seas and be a great Navel Power of the world.
    9. Israel t have a land of great mineral wealth, Duet 33:15-19
    10. All the commonwealth of nations including the European migrants in Australia. Notice the commonwealth of Australia! For those that live in Australia, we even have the original coat of Arms on many of our Government buildings, the commomwealth stationary from parliament, the land titles, the coinage mint. Now isn’t that unique! The coat of arms is the lion and the unicorn, with the crown on top signifing the throne of David over us. And beneath it reads “God and my birthright”. Now isn’t that a coincidence which is not by accident!
    11. Israel to have great agricultural wealth. Deut. 33: 13, 14, 28.
    12. Israel to have great colonies, and become a company of nations. (commonwealth). Gen. 17: 4,6,15,16,35: 11, 48:19.
    13. Israel to live in islands and coasts of the earth. Isa. 41: 1-2,Isa. 49: 13, Isa. 51: 5.
    14. Israel was to have a new language. Isa. 28: 11. The bible is now in English not Hebrew.
    15. Israel was to carry the gospel to all the world of where the early Israelites spread over the earth. Gen 28: 14, Isa. 43: 21. And many more.

    There is no other nation that can claim these facts of promise of the unconditional and everlasting covenants that God gave to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
    Most of Europeans are from the 12 tribes of Israel.
    Americans pilgrim fathers were mostly known as from the tribe of Manasseh.
    England, the tribe of Ephraim.
    Judah, mostly Germans.
    Bejamin. Iceland and Greenland.
    Ascher, many of the Russians and nordic areas.
    Gad, the Greeks and Romans.
    Dan the Danites.
    Zebulin the dutch/
    Many of the smaller tribes have mixed and formed other states over Europe.
    All the tribes have their own coat of arms and is significant of them being Israelites from
    Abraham. Isaac, and Jacob.


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    Looks like (M)odern (D)ay (S)nott-muffin and (B)orn (J)ust (C)razy 2012 are at it again, pretending to be the "OneTrueSource(tm)".

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    Yes I agree that if the Bible is alive and exerts power then all the scriptual condemnation of Israel has a greater fulfillment today. See for more proof.

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    Wow! There's nothing like free advertising. It doesn't matter who's posting, if it's anything about Israel, it must be us. Well, at least we've made an impression on someone on this board whether good or bad. The only request that I have is that you mention 'The Report' along with our names. That would help tremendously. Keep up the good work!


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    Glad to oblige bjc.

    Wow! There's nothing like free advertising
    Love that $$$ don't 'cha?
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    If anyone is intrested follow this topic in response with what has been covered in page 48 of Bible Research I believe is March of 00.

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    Sorry it is on page 48 March 03 2001


    It is likened a lot to all nominal christian cuhurches .They are in negative view in the endtime before Jesus returns.

    Israel in the Mideast is like a fig tree. It will not bring fruits in our times .

    1948 AD May,14 Israel as a political entity established miraculously + 40 years of testing leads us to May,14,1988 AD.They failed the test.

    But I see a light for those Jews who in small number believed in the Messiah in all past history as they will be a core of the revieved nation of Israel in the Paradise.

    All Jews will turn to God in the period of 2011 AD - 2018 AD which will end a 70-year tribulation for them : 1948 AD + 70 years = 2018 AD.This is my prediction based on the Bible.

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