What Is The Most Ridiculous Thing You Have Heard From A Witness?

by minimus 133 Replies latest jw friends

  • Jourles

    "The decision is to disfellowship you."

    My mind was already made up and I pissed on the ashes of that bridge I just burned down. Nothing they said would have no affect on me. But in hearing that phrase, they are the ones who set me free.

  • flipper

    Most everything they say is ridiculous, said out of fear, extremely paranoid and superstitious - so it's hard to choose just one thing

  • ShirleyW

    Although this thread has been running for a while, the clip below just says it all as to the wackiness within the Borg, total mental patients thinking they're going to live forever. Clip below wins 1st Prize in my opinion for the responses in this thread

    A sister told me that since she had worn a bathing cap when she was baptized, she was afraid her head wouldn't make it into the new order.
  • undercover

    Most ridiculous?

    That we don't have to die. Yes, we could live forever.

    Let that sink in... Live forever. Never die.

    And to think we actually believed that shit

  • snugglebunny

    Fireworks are demon possessed.

  • purrpurr

    That experiments had been done at London zoo where they fed straw to the lions and the lions behaviour became peaceful and calm as a result, so that was proof of what lions will be like in paradise and not want to eat meat.

    Of course this is untrue, lions are built in every way to catch and eat meat.

    Oh and my favourite. .. women deserve to be treated as second class citizens because eve ate the Apple first! Lol

    And another said in an answer in the watchtower study, "the planet's and stars obit eachother perfectly, they never crash into eachother and this shows how perfectly God has made the universe! "

    ... that we people in the northern hemisphere would have tropical animals as pets!

    That the continent's would be fitted back together in Pangaea, so that we didn't have to travel overseas in the new system

    And also in the new system we wouldn't have seasons, so that there would still be plenty to eat and no freezing weather during winter!

    How did I swallow this for all those years??

  • Nevuela

    scratchme1010 (He had 13 children; to me that's the real origin of the idea of eating leaves).

    I don't get it. What does the number of children he had have to do with eating leaves?

  • Nevuela

    purrpurr 6 days ago

    Here's another said a few weeks after 9/11 "well folks it looks like Armageddon has started doesn't it?"

    --- That always bothered me, but for a different reason. It wasn't just the ignorance of the assumption, but the sheer narcissism of it. Horrible things like terror attacks and natural disasters wipe out thousands of lives in a single blow all over the world, but when it happens on American soil, THEN it's a sign of Armageddon? Really?

  • NewYork44M

    How do you know a JW says something ridiculous? Their lips move.

  • Cimarrona

    I had moved to another city about two years after I left the borg. A friend talked me into calling my parents because 'surely they were worried about me'.

    Me: Hi, mom. Just calling to let you know I'm alive.

    Mother: Well, you're only alive physically.

    (The subtext being that spiritually I was dead.)0

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