Do You Think 10% Tithing is Coming?

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  • Listener

    Finding a new way to get more money from the sheep is on their agenda. What the next form that will take is not certain but I don't think it will be a set policy of tithing, although it may be suggested.

    The JW religion is more about being a works based religion so it would be hard to continually sell this idea of tithing. They need to come up with the an idea that will make it seem that JWs are providing a sacred service which is clearly identifiable, not just by giving 10% of their income.

    Here's some comments that they have made about sacred service -

    W 76 10/1 re Sacred Service

    Par. 5 “So their doing something of a sacrificial kind would be out of the ordinary, something not carried on in general by the unchristian people of this worldly system of things.”
    Hebrews 13:16 16Moreover, do not forget the doing of good and the sharing of things with others, for with such sacrifices God is well pleased.”

    W80 8/15

    Par. 3 “Obviously, this has to do specificially with service to God, done out of appreciation for sacred things – something out of the ordinary that calls for the sacrifice of time and energy.

    God's Kingdom Rules

    Yes, relief work is a valuable form of sacred service.Rom. 12:1, 7; 2 Cor. 8:7; Heb. 13:16.

    W 06 11/01

    Building Kingdom Halls is an important part of our sacred service

    W01 3/15

    • Of course, Bethel is primarily a place where mature Christians render sacred serviceto Jehovah and work in behalf of fellow believers throughout the world.

    They've come up with their own logo, JW org and it can be seen wherever JWs are. JWs see it as part of their preaching (or sacred service).

    They've also thrown the JWs into the public with their public preaching work and even shopfronts on occassion or stalls in certain areas. They've started to dwindle down the importance of house to house work.

    Their next step might be to tell JWs that part of their sacred service will now include time set aside to earn money with the specific purpose of donating it to them. They could leave the option of how to do this to the congregations but encourage them that whatever it was, do it in a united way together and with the focus that all money earnt be given to them. The responsibility of how they did this would be completely up to them and that means any taxes/permits/licenses/insurance/complying with laws could not be held against the WTBTS, they would be doing it independently.

    Suggestions such as lamington drives, joint garage sales, sales of other goods produced and sold in joint effort, even small businesses where all profit would be donated. It would need to be all of the net profit otherwise they are doing nothing out of the ordinary (the sacrifice wouldn't be great enough to constitute sacred service)

    They could also sell this to the sheep if they advise them that they could include a small JW literature stand at their stall.

    Because all profits would be going to the WTBTS it would be considered as sacred service and although it may mean less hours in field service, would satisfy the JW's need to be seen as doing 'works befitting a christian' with blessings attached. Working in groups would also be seen as a a 'fine and uplifting' christian work.

  • Divergent

    Tithing has already been enforced upon congregations in a way, just not upon the individual publisher

    If they ever try to implement tithing for individuals, there would be a great outcry & the subsequent damage would be irreversible. I believe that such an outrageous move would have a reverse effect - where many who give would actually stop giving in protest. I believe that it would also lead to a start in global decline, instead of the decline that mainly affects developed & affluent Western countries

    I would actually love to see the organization try to implement tithing. Am sure many would wake up as a result!

  • All for show
    All for show

    I hope they implement this. Its a wonderful idea to wake up a lot of JWs. I do not see this going anywhere good for the society. All the JWs I know, would do anything for the org except part with their money. Its theirs. They are the least generous of religious groups I have encountered. The society has done it to their own detriment. They encourage service above being a generous decent human, so they have killed off any generosity in that, "we do service thats life saving". My peer group 30/40s NO WAY would give a set amount of money-- if so it would be a ONE time thing. Not monthly.

    If they said birthdays and thanksgiving were okay and reversed some ridiculous policies against innocuous birthdays and the like, THEN I could see potentially giving of their income.

  • blondie

    *** w89 11/1 p. 30 Do You See Only the Outward Appearance? ***

    We can illustrate this in the matter of dress. The Bible requirement—God’s requirement—is that a Christian’s clothing must be neat and clean, well-arranged and not betraying a lack of “modesty and soundness of mind.” (1 Timothy 2:9; 3:2) Obviously, then, the elders in one congregation went “beyond the things that are written” a few years ago by requiring every public speaker in their congregation to wear a white shirt, even though pastel colors were generally acceptable in that country. Guest speakers who showed up with a colored shirt were asked to change into one of several white shirts kept in the Kingdom Hall for just such emergencies. How careful we have to be in order not to impose our personal taste on others! And how appropriate Paul’s counsel: “Let your reasonableness become known to all men”!—Philippians 4:5.

  • LisaRose

    Well, they are damned if they do and damned if they don't, aren't they?

    They have to do something, I wouldn't put it past them, but it's a complete reversal of everything they have ever said about donations, so it will cause a stir. People are already giving huge amounts of personal time and energy to the Watchtower due for meetings, field service, study and congregation duties, with not much coming back in the way of moral support or spiritual sustenance. Many don't make a lot of money, tithing will be a hardship for a majority of JWs. Some may well decide it's just not worth it. They do risk people leaving or giving up and donating nothing, they have to be aware of the possibility.

    I am sure many people have already had doubts because of recent events, you have to wonder what will be the tipping point, what one thing will cause enough people to become disgusted and leave that it puts them in a death spiral? How many are already only staying because of family? How many have doubts they are keeping to themselves? How many will leave if enough family members leave?

  • tim3l0rd


    That's funny, because only a couple of years ago for an assembly they required that all the brothers only white shirts.


  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    I've posted before, but most JW's have doubts, and keep them to themselves. Just something has to be that igniter and light-off that powder keg of doubts. Brining in tithing could be that ''igniter''.

    Many, many, many families in the Borg struggle to make ends meet. Let's say if a family brings home something like $2000.00 a month. Then the Borg implements a 10% tithing requirement each month. That leaves the family with $200.00 less a month. A noticeable impact for groceries, bills, rent and heaven forbid car repairs or other emergencies. Quite a financial burden for young, struggling families.

    Should the Borg implement this ''tithing'', I'm sure many families or individuals who are struggling financially may just say @#$&-you!! And leave.

    Like I've mentioned earlier, the word ''tithe'' is now in that new bible released a couple years back. I can't recall seeing the word ''tithe'' there before.

  • 4thgen

    My favorite scripture used to be Mal 3:10. When I saw it on the silver bible, I went ballistic. What a reproach!

    Yep, I believe that tithing is a last resort, but they will use it! Money grubbing ba**ards!

  • sparky1

    Read Hebrews chapter 7. This chapter could be spun by the Governing Body(tm) to show that tithing that is not based under the Old Law covenant is scriptural. Melchizedek asked for a tithe from Abraham and received it! Hebrews 7:5-6 says: "True, according to the Law, those of the sons of Levi who receive their priestly office have a commandment to collect tithes from the people, that is, from their brothers, even though these are descendants of Abraham. But this man (Melchizedek) who did not trace his genealogy from them took tithes from Abraham and blessed the one who had the promises." Voila!!!! New Light The Greater Melchizedek, Jesus Christ asks us to tithe apart from the way the ancient Hebrews tithed as set out under the Old Law covenant.

  • Mephis
    Agree with Divergent and Beth Sarim. Can't see them pushing it directly on the individual, but they already do the 'per publisher' mandated donations. One for this, one for that, etc etc. Quickly builds up over the year. 10% of total income for a publisher? Probably not. It's not like that many could afford to do that. Their real tithing comes from the hours people put in knocking on doors and sitting next to carts. 10 hours a month? 160 hours a month is a full time job in many countries. Free labour for that. Free labour for everything else they want building. Plus all the time preparing for and attending meetings etc etc. It's quite the time sink when the person demanding things isn't paying for it.

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