Do You Think 10% Tithing is Coming?

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  • xjwsrock

    Firstly, there are cash flow problems in WT town. I don't think it's necessary to list all the cutbacks and layoffs, but there have been many.

    Their thirst for money seems higher too in my opinion. More entitled may be a better way of putting it. It makes me wonder... Do the GB lie in bed dreaming of 10% tithes coming in from every Tom, Harry, and Sally JW around the world - like so many other churches and religions have?.... Do they have donation-envy?

    Can they resist New Light on Tithing?

    I know they have ridiculed "Christendom" for years for tithing, passing the plate, etc... But... that could also be said about TV evangelizing, Christian cartoons, Christian music, Christian music videos, and more. All of these are now seen regularly on JW Broadcast or on JW dot org.

    Heck, JW's even believe in the Rapture now, they just refuse to call it that.

    Another consideration (I learned on this forum) is that they chose to use the word tithe in the RNWT at Malachi 3:10. It now reads like this:

    10 - Bring the entire tithe into the storehouse, so that there may be food in my house; and test me out, please, in this regard,” Jehovah of armies says, β€œto see whether I will not open to you the floodgates of the heavens and pour out* on you a blessing until there is nothing lacking.”

    The obvious question after reading this new rendering is - why would the WT use a word (tithe) that is so connected to "Christendom" unless the feelings toward the word and concept have softened?

    So what do you think? Will we wake up one day and find that Jehovah's Witnesses in good standing are expected to give the organization at least 10% of their earnings?

    I mean after all... 100% of the money already belongs to Jehovah... right?

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    I strongly believe that the May 2014 letter read to congregation about the so-called ''forgive loan'' agreement was a precursor. A precursor to ''force tithing'' of sorts.

    ''We all must be ready to obey any instructions we may receive whether they seem strategic from a human standpoint or not''.

    With that sentiment about ''uquestioning'' obedience in that study issue back in January 2014 seemed oddly convenient that the society would provide such a study like that just a few months before the May 2014 ''forgive loan'' letter. It seems logical that the Borg could produce a similar such ''study'' about ''obedience'' and cleverly implement a ''tithing scheme''' schenanigans not long after.

    The Borg may not call it ''tithing'' per se, but could use some other mind tactic about ''Give to Jehovah'' your ''valuable'' things.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    10% of what.. JW's are one of the poorest religious groups. Those JW's who are doing well

    financially, hell yes we will give 10%. So what happen, folks that are not well off financially

    living from paycheck to paycheck continue to give little, now we have those members that was

    donating 10-20% obeying the GB giving 10%. I believe 10% tithing will result in less donations.

    You know JW's and their rules..

  • tim3l0rd
    I think they'll enforce a "donation" on a congregation basis. If the congregation doesn't meet it's "donation" quota, they'll eventually disband the congregation and redraw territory lines.
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Oh, yeah forgot. The word ''tithe'' is in the Borg's new ''silver sword'' bible released 2 years ago.
  • xjwsrock

    James, I have been in "da truf" for my whole 40 year life. I have never personally known anyone, rich or poor, give 10% of their earnings to the WT. Now they may give something at the end like in a will, or make a one-time big donation for a project, but nowhere near 10% of earnings on a regular basis.

    I have done the accounts before in multiple congregations and basically knew who gave the bigger donations (because they were always checks). 200.00 a month was the biggest regular check I ever saw.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    xjwsrock: well I guess it would be a good idea in view of that fact.. How in the hell have they survived

    over the years with such little donations?? So maybe they are in trouble, I hope so.

  • Magnum

    Another consideration (I learned on this forum) is that they chose to use the word tithe in the RNWT at Malachi 3:10

    I learned that on this forum, too - just recently. That's interesting and it does make me wonder. I really do think they translate passages to fit their desires and needs.

  • Crazyguy
    Yep this is what the we're broke need to make cuts is all about. Scare the people so they'll agree.
  • sparky1

    Anything is possible! Maybe they are keeping an eye on their spiritual half-sister the 7th Day Adventists. Their total tithe and offerings for the year 2013 were: $3,354,863,946! That's a helluva lot of scratch and could make Tight Pants Tony and crew really sit up and take notice.

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