Do You Think 10% Tithing is Coming?

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    Been on the borg site and found that the new translation has loads of references to tithe both in the scriptures and

    in the footnotes.

    The previous translation - never mentioned the word tithe (correct me if I am wrong, I may be)

    They are subtly introducing it into the witness vocabulary - maybe I am being cynical here but it looks to me.....

    that they are going to say how the Israelites gave their tenth to Jehovah to support his worship and we will have to do the same.

    I think it will be subtly brought up in a magazine as a wonderful way we can bless Jehovah and honour him and we shall receive blessings just like his servants of old - maybe a quote from Mal 3:10.

    We shall see.......


  • stuckinarut2

    So how would they try to enforce this?

    Would they require lodging ones income with the local elders.?

    I can tell you that most, if not all would be most displeased to do that,!

    Wasn't there a wise man who once said " do not let your right hand know what your left hand is doing " ?

  • xjwsrock

    All for show - I like your idea of offering up a few concessions as a bargaining chip. An annual meeting could announce birthdays are ok, blood is a conscience decision, and 10% of our income is expected by Jehovah in order to receive Holy Spirit and blessings.

    They probably wouldn't send a bill per se or ask to see your tax return, but would harp on it and question your love for Jehovah if you were holding back your "first fruits". Maybe even referring to it as a secret sin. Elders could ask if you are giving your "share" when they go on shepherding calls. They could guilt trip publishers into thinking they are holding back their own blessings by not giving Jehovah what is rightfully his, even implying they are stealing from God.

    Wow, it's sad how diabolical you can think when you've been raised in a cult... But doesn't that sound just like something they would do?

  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    I'm not sure that they CAN tithe. Most Witnesses just out right couldn't afford it even if they wanted to.

    I don't see tithing as increasing the donations per-person by any significant amount. But I would see it waking a lot of people up or giving those half out an excuse to leave.

  • EndofMysteries
    NEW LIGHT will soon come out. "Evidently the word "tithe" has been in the bible all along! Please open your silver swords and read the passage with us. See that!! It says it right there, 'tithe', you can't make that stuff up! Aren't we appreciate of the new light from the faithful slave, the GB, in opening our eyes that we should be giving them 10% of our earnings so the ticket to the new world is paid for as long as we also keep our time and meeting attendance up and make sure to pucker up to the faithful slaves heiney?"
  • punkofnice

    I think it's a fine line. They're being very heavy handed in enforcing obedience to the governing body.

    I would hope that even perverted dumbos like the GB and their suck ups would be afraid that if they insisted on tithing that there would be a mass exodus.

    I'm told the kingdom hells are struggling for attendance now.

    If anything I think the JWs should merge with another cult and marry their fortunes together.

  • The Big Machine
    The Big Machine
    I think if the financial problems are serious, they will introduce personal tithing. They won't have any other choice. I really hope it happens, because like many here, I think it would wake a lot of people up.
  • sir82

    I'm quite certain they would like to.

    The conspiracy-nutter side of me thinks that maybe all this "woe is me, we're so poor, we have to lay off Bethelites & stop construction projects" foofaraw is just an act to set up what they want, which is a fixed income stream based on tithing.

    But I'm still on the side of "no, they'd never do that".

    For now.

  • TheListener

    I don't see how they could do it and actually expect to receive the money. A lot of jw families contain an unbelieving mates. It's doubtful that an unbelieving mate, male or female, would accept their spouse giving 10% of their income to the WTS.

    Plus as others have said most dubs don't have much money so why upset your followers with tithing when you won't really get much out of it.

    The WTS is probably better off just beating the money drum more regularly than they used to. Show some emotionally charged videos and look really sad. The money will come in from those that have it.

  • StarTrekAngel
    They already collect more than 10%. Why would they ask for 10% and loose money?

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