Are you a people person or a loner?

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  • wednesday
    are you sure you miss that nonsense? I can relate to what you just said. I used to keep my house up imaculate in case someone might come by. Now I keep my house clean enough for my family. I tend to the comfort of myself and my family.

    I used to go to extremes, then I realized that I pay my own morgage, and this is my new motto " This is my house, and I will do as I damn

    Yes i do miss it. I miss people, all kinds of people with odd stories and them knowing that they could come to me for help. I never worried about my house or how clean it was, and neither did anyone else.Several times people moved into the house with me. They always chipped in their fair share.

    For me life is about people, as the old saying goes"the grass will grow back, but children are only small once"

    At the end of my life i want to be able to have friends and family surrond me.. Possessions won't come to your funeral or miss u.

    The wTS has changed me. Yes i do miss my old self. She was a very cool person and fun to be around, and a damn good friend. I hate what they have turned me into.

  • Narkissos

    A loner, definitely.

    Probably it is something I tried to avoid when I was younger, especially with my JW experience (including Bethel). However, when I was eventually disfellowshipped, and found myself subsequently unable to build any lasting association with a similar group (church), I finally accepted it was my way -- so I don't resist it anymore.

    This made me think that web boards like this one are the ideal communication means for loners -- perhaps increasing their so-called "real-life" loneliness at the same time. Had I spent double the time I have spent here with the same people in "real life" we would probably never have had the discussions we have here.

    I draw some comfort from the positive view of the "solitary ones" in the Gospel according to Thomas, which I do not hold as the "truth" or the last word upon anything, but stands as a striking and healthy contrast to the "people-flock-body" mainstream "collectivist" Christianity. For instance:

    Blessed are the solitary ones, the elect. For you will find the kingdom. For you come from it and you will return to it. (Logion 49.)

  • donkey

    Nothing is absolute but I am mostly a loner.

  • DanTheMan

    I am a loner, that word has negative connotations and for many years I've felt like there was something wrong with me because I spend so much time alone. A lot of it is cultural conditioning, you don't see too many TV or movie characters that are quiet and enjoy solitude. But nowadays I don't feel so bad about it, most of my weekends are spent inside my house watching TV or a rented movie, reading, posting here, playing video games, etc.

    The downside is that you don't meet chicks when you're sitting inside your house.

  • blondie


  • ball.

    So, I guess we are mainly extroverted loners then, judging by the replies.

  • patio34

    Blondie wins for the shortest answer.

    And Ball's post: "So, I guess we are mainly extroverted loners" makes a lot of sense.


  • Sassy

    Most definately a people person.. Love to be with people. I do sometimes have moments though when I am ready to go home and get away from it all.. find some quiet space. I can be at a party having a blast and suddenly think, ok.. I've had enough, time to go home. It's like I love people and crave being around them, but I like to balance it out with home quiet time too.

  • imallgrowedup

    ball took the words right out of my mouth! I truly see a pattern here on this thread, and to tell you the truth, it makes me feel so much better! I thought I was just selfish for wanting to be alone most of the time. In fact, I just sent my husband alone on a business trip I was invited to attend with some of his employees and their wives. He knows how I feel and doesn't push me, which is exactly what I need.... of course, lately that "alone" time has been spent here on JWD!!!!



  • Galimo

    i am more of a loner than a peoples person
    I find myself hating of having to go to parties, I wonder what I will talk about after the first hour or so.

    That said, i love to have my family around and i love kisses and hugs and gently strokes

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