If You Found A Wallet----Would You Turn It In??

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  • Mulan

    Yes, I would turn it in. I have found things at stores, obviously dropped from purses and turn them in.

    A friend of mine found a wallet with $800 in it. She turned it in to the police, and it was never claimed and they called her after six months to come and get the money. She was waiting with baited breath during that whole time though. There was no name or anything identifying in that wallet.

  • wednesday
    For some here, I'd say, "Come over my house anytime!". For others, I'd put a lock on the valuables, just in case you're tempted or feel like you're in need.

    M, u do have your ID in your wallet ,no doubt? and remember valis said only if he was starving, so feed him

  • Special K
    Special K

    I thought we already did this topic thread back in July sometime.. Oh well

    Here it comes around again. LOL

    ..I would turn in the wallet.

    special k

  • Purple

    Well my office is in the lost property section of a local bus company. The amount of lost property that gets returned is phenonminal. We have had people ring and say they have lost mobile phones and all sorts and I would say about 90% get returned. What amazes me is that many people ring up and say they have lost their wallet with say $500 in and its all the money they have etc. They do get returned with all the money still in it. It really restores your faith in humanity.

    Having had my wallet stolen and never found I would hand in anything I find and have always done because I know the anxiety and heartbreak etc it causes when you loose something. Recently I lost my mobile phone but someone found it and returned it personally to me. SO there are some wonderfully honest people out there.

    I guess sad to say there is also some very dishonest people out to, who never stop and think about the consequences of their actions. It is usually lost by people who can least afford to lose it. Even if there was no return address I would still turn it in to the police just in case someone looks there for it!

  • stillajwexelder

    YES - But if I found a loose 20 dollar bill I would keep it

  • minimus

    Maybe I'm being naive, but I think MOST of the JWs I personally know would return the wallet intact.

  • Valis
    For others, I'd put a lock on the valuables, just in case you're tempted or feel like you're in need.

    um dot head you wanna quit with the self righteousness for a few minutes? You ever live on the streets? Give it a whirl sometime and you might just find that coming by lost money feeds you for even if a day. You ask a question that is so situational the responses vary by a great degree and the only thing that doesn't is your "better than everyone else" BS. Give it a rest dot head.


    District Overbeer

  • TresHappy


  • minimus

    Ok thief.....signed dothead.

  • Valis

    *LOL* ya that's me...

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