If You Found A Wallet----Would You Turn It In??

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  • patio34

    You know Minimus, at 1st this seems like a light question. But, it seems to have more meaning than appears with respect to having been in such a high mind-control group and then becoming an atheist.

    I've wondered what my values really are now that there's no god or religion determining it. Well, about 8 months ago, I did find a wallet in the ladies restroom at the hospital with money and ID in it. I immediately turned it in to the hospital admin without a 2nd thought about it.

    Then, the other day, someone irritated me so much at work because they were ridiculing the Bible. I'm not a believer anymore, but it seemed so cruel to mock a history of an ancient civilization. After all, any of them could look pretty silly in light of today's information. But then, in 2000-3000 years, we're probably going to look silly to people then. It's fair to analyze and criticize, but not ridicule. Imo, that just says the ridiculer is ignorant and cruel.

    My point is that I discovered a new value I didn't know that I had. It deeply offended me the cruelty of making fun of people who were defenseless by not being there. So, that's another value I know that's in me.

    Telling lies is no longer forbidden to me because the intent is what's important to me. Extramarital sex (including adultery, pre, etc.) no longer seems black and white to me. Neither do a great many things.

    So thanks for highlighting the issue! Keep those good questions coming (will you EVER run out??)!


  • got my forty homey?
    got my forty homey?

    No, I would keep everything. Maybe i would return the ID to the owner but the money is always mine! Thats the cruel real world to Got my Forty!

  • little witch
    little witch

    Why am I not suprised?

  • wednesday

    I hate to see this turn into a Moral Majority thread. M asked a question and people are voluntering answers. Is it really necessary that we think we're better than someone b/c we gave the PC answer?

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Yes I would. I've done it before without thinking twice.

  • Simon

    I've found wallets / money and handed them in.

    Let's change the issue slightly though ... instead of it being a few quid that you'd gain by not handing it in which may not make up for the guilty conscience, what if there was a winning lottery ticket in it?

    Would you still hand it in? C'mon ... honest ...

    Personally, I'm not sure I would. I'd have to think long and hard about my own families interests and future compared to some stranger who, for all I know, could be a thoroughly unpleasant character.

  • little witch
    little witch

    I would still hand it over.

  • Valis
    Unlike Valis, I wouldn't be tempted to keep the money.

    *LOL* dot head...I said if I was desperate. I've been on the verge of starving before and yeah that would be justification IMO for taking money even from a found walet.


    District Overbeer

  • Eyebrow2


    I do believe that what goes around comes around...call it Karma, call it what you want...it still ticks me off to this day that I lost this really cool bag and wallet in high school and no one ever turned it into lost and found. I didnt care about what little money was in it, but I had a few picutres, and really liked the wallet and bag,...and they were just cheap, but they were MINE.

    now if I found a $20 bill on the side of the road...no people around and no place to really figure where it came from? yes I would keep it. but not a wallet...and if I found that money on the floor of a store I would ask whose it was (i have done that before). I would drop the wallet at the police station...I did my part

  • Eyebrow2

    I just read Simon's question....finding a winning lottery ticket....even I have to say that is a TOUGH one.

    ouch, ouch, ouch....you know I think if I found one, and it won, I would wait a few days and see if it turned up in the press...if they did find someone that could prove it was theirs, I would give it to them, and hopefully they would give me a reward. But if a reasonable amount of time goes by, and no one says they lost it, then sure, I probably would claim it.

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