If You Found A Wallet----Would You Turn It In??

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  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    You bet your britches!


  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Without hestitation. Personally,I would locate the person and everything stays in tact. The following is a story I've shared a few times. This women had dropped $75.00 in a supermarket floor. The cash was tucked in with her visa bill, hidden from view. I went out of my way to locate the Bank and told the manager what happened. I made sure the bill was paid, the manager called the husband at work and told him the story. Surprisingly, the husband was sceaming about his wive losing the money and bill. The clincher was, this man never once gave thought of thanking me! The Bank manager shrugged his shoulder. I left the bank with an empty feeling for this person.

    I found a lost child once and I reported it to the police. I have many other experiences but enough said. It's very sad to encounter people who are thankless, very sad.

    Guest 77

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan
    If You Found A Wallet----Would You Turn It In??

    What sort of question is that ?

    I really do have to wonder about anyone who is or has been ever associated with that org.

  • fader

    I found a purse once by the side of the road. The woman had left it on top of her car. I used the address on her license, drover over and returned the purse to her. I brought my then 2 year old son with me, hoping it would be some sort of life lesson about the right thing to do. The woman opened the door, I told her I found her purse, she said 'oh, thanks' and closed the door. I was suprised, I wasn't expecting money or anything, but perhaps a bit more gratitude, an offer to come in and have a drink, I don't know. Oh well, I'm glad I did it, I'd do it again. If someone found my purse and returned it to me intact, I'd definitely offer them some sort of cash reward, 20 bucks maybe?

    If I found a winning lottery ticket, I'd wait to see if anyone claimed it (like recently happened). If not, I'd cash it in.

  • shera

    Yes,I would.If I lost mine,I would be very happy to have it returned.

    I have found a wallet and a purse before and have returned them.I wouldn't be able to live withmyself,taking someones' money.That may be all that person has left and may have children at home.

  • Hapgood

    I found a wallet at out local mall and turned it in to the security department.

    My daughter lost her wallet a couple of years ago in a parking lot. A nice man found it and called us up to let us know that he had found it. And he didn't even let us know what religion he was :-)


  • Steve Lowry
    Steve Lowry

    I recently saw a wallet fly out of a truck while the driver was going through an interception. I got out and got it and called the guy later on. It took me two days to be able to contact the fellow; there were multiple addresses and phone numbers assigned to him in the wallet. There was all his pertinent stuff inside including his driver license and about seven bucks. When I finally talked with him over the phone, I asked him if he had been missing anything (I had to have my fun, ya know). He said, "Uh, missin? somthin? Huh?". So, I asked him if he knew where his wallet was and he said, "Uh, yea, guess I dunno where it is." Fking brain dead guy. So (while?s laughing quietly) I asked him if he wanted his wallet back. To which he said, " Uh, yea, guss I would." I don?t know, but if somebody called me and said they found my wallet, I?d be jumping for joy, wouldn?t you? Well anyway, I got the correct address, which wasn?t that far from me, and I dropped it off at his doorstep in a box the next day(with everything in it including the seven bucks). I wasn?t looking for gratitude or anything like that. I was just amazed at his nonplussed attitude, considering his occupation was a truck driver and he didn?t seem to care at all if he got his wallet back which contained his drivers licensee, or not. Go figure . . .

  • minimus

    For some here, I'd say, "Come over my house anytime!". For others, I'd put a lock on the valuables, just in case you're tempted or feel like you're in need.

  • gumby
    If I was desperate for money I would probably keep the cash and mail the wallet back to its owner

    Valis.....you heartless, stealing, insensative bastard! I don't like you anymore now and I'm not coming to see you. Stealer!

    I would be anxious to turn it in as giving it back would bring more joy than spending the money of a brokenhearted person like the bastard valis would do.

    Gumby........of the "I'm sure glad I'm not a bastard like valis" class.

  • codeblue

    Yes I would turn it in!!!

    I was shopping a few years back and accidentally left my wallet on the counter at the store. I didn't realize I had left it somewhere till I tried to pay for another item at another store in the mall. I had to think of my last purchase, went back to the store. They said: we were hoping you would return!!!

    Everything was still in it...I was so relieved and so thankful!!!


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