When Was The Last Time You Prayed?

by minimus 55 Replies latest jw friends

  • gumby

    Mouthy......your not allowed to post three times in a row like that. Now bow down to me and give me three 'Hail Mary's' or I'll send you to purgatory..........ya damn mean little granny!

    Hugs, Gumby

  • Sunnygal41

    Don't pray anymore............since I feel that we are "the God we seek"........IOW's we are part of the "all that is" we aren't separate from it at all, like Little Toe was talking about.........I feel that there is no separations, if we feel that way, it's because we've forgotten who and what we truly are..................a spirit person having an earthly experience...........

  • mouthy

    gumby!!!! dont hold ya breath sweetie......If Simon banishes me for posting three in a row, I will put a curse on YOU! for bringing it to his attention ( or any of the moderators) :)

  • Sentinel

    I am always in conversation with my creator/father/mother of the universe. I don't kneel or wear a head covering, or go to a church, etc.--I just speak inwardly and outwardly no matter where I am or what I'm doing. I am thankful and grateful for all things; and I request help and guidance, by simply asking for direction. The key is being open to the answer that comes. It usually doesn't take place the way we conceive it in our mind as a mere human.

    There is no empty feeling these days, that my pleadings are totally "one-sided" and non-effective. It is my belief that in many of my prayers as a JW, I was asking for things that I truly wasn't meant to have. I didn't understand like I do now, so the connection was plagued with my own inability to accept and to let go. Only my universal parents would know the things that are best for me.

    There are so many rich blessings, just by waking up and opening my eyes each and every day. We humans need our universal parents, just as we need our earthly parents....even moreso.


    PS I rented the DVD "Bruce Allmighty" and hubby and I watched it together last night. Actually, it was very funny, but there was an undertone of subtle informtion in the message...and a good bit on "prayer". I recommend it. I usually don't watch Jim Carey that much, but when I saw that Jennifer Anniston-Pitt was in it, as well as Morgan Freedman, I picked it up.

  • Satanus

    Seriously though, the serenity of the communion i feel would be disturbed if i spoke into it. It's very rare that i feel the need for that.


  • GentlyFeral

    OK, now the pagan contingent weighs in

    Lately, I've been wondering about one of my gods. Haven't heard from him in a while and finally came to the conclusion he'd gotten bored and left.

    Went home after work and reached for his picture to take it off my altar. He smiled at me. "There you are! What do you want?" I said. He told me, so now I've got some work to do.


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