Favorite childhood TV shows

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  • gumby

    Well since you said "childhood" shows....I'l have to go back further than Andy Griffith.

    I grew up in the mid fifties being born in 54'.

    I liked Felix the Cat, Casper the Friendly Ghost, ......and Ed Sullivan in the early sixties when I stayed all night with my grandparents. They watched Lawrence Welk too. I don't remember my age when Huckleberry Hound , Quick Draw Magraw, Deputy Dog, and the rest of that gang was around.


  • Matty

    Ooh Ooh Geoffrey!!!

    It has to be Rainbow!!!

  • caligirl

    Jetsons, Flintstones, Bewitched & I Dream of Jeannie, Brady Bunch, Looney Toons, Jerry Lewis Movies

  • doodle-v

    I used to love the Sidney and Marty Kroft shows:

    HR Puffnstuff

    The Bugaloos


    Land of the Lost

    I also watched The Archies, Groovy Goulies, Star Blazers and the Electric Company (which was way more "edgy" than sesamy street, lol!), The Hillbilly Bears, Top Cat, Atom Ant.

    When I was a little older I would watch She-Ra, Voltron, ThunderCats,

    when I would get "sick" on Saturday mornings and couldnt go out in service I would watch The Littles, Alvin and The Chipmunks, and Duck Tales


  • alias
    The Puppy's Great Adventures

    OMG, Nos! That picture you posted brought back some memories!

    I was also an 80s Saturday morning cartoon addict. My faves included the Hanna Barbera Cartoons like the Flintstones and Wacky Racers. I also liked Captain Caveman, Scooby Doo, the Littles, New Shmoo, and the one ugly dog who had to wear a doghouse on his head. Remember that one?

    I also lived for the 11:am weekend story special featuring kid-friendly stories based on books like the "Soup" series (Robert Newton Peck) and others. What a nerd I was (am).

    I miss the good 'ol days! BTW, I grew up on Sesame Street and the Electric Company. Woohoo!


  • Princess

    Little House on the Prairie, had to see it every Monday night. My dad gave up Monday night football so I could watch it.

    We didn't get to watch much on Saturday mornings. Only on the rare occasion when we didn't go out in service. I can't remember what we watched.

    In the 1980s, before my kids were born, I used to like to watch Pee Wee Hermans Playhouse

    So did we! Steve decided we had to have the video library. I stopped it after about ten videos, two episodes each PLUS the special Christmas episode. I just crack up when we watch them with the kids and see Laurence Fishburne as Cowboy Curtis...BEFORE Pulp Fiction.


  • aarque

    Captain Kangaroo..I absolutely loved that show, especially when he read stories. (mabye that's why I've been a librarian for the past 33 years...)

    Rin Tin Tin (yo-o-o- Rinny!)

    Circus Boy (remember Mickey Dolenz who would later tun up in the Monkees?)

    Beany and Cecile the sea-sick sea serpent

    Gerald McBoing Boing

    Mighty Mouse (here I come to save the day...)

    Rocky and Bullwinkle, Boris and Natasha, Dudley Do-Right

    Tom Terrific and Mighty Manfred the Wonder Dog

    Yikes...I think my age is showing.....

  • Tatiana

    I watched a show in Charleston, South Carolina called Happy Rain. She was a Native American woman who showed cartoons and played games. We lived around the corner from her, and I was horrified when I found out it was all dark make-up. She wasn't Native American after all.

    My sister and I were on a cartoon show called Bozo the Clown taped at Channel 2. I was so damned shy all I did was look at the floor when he tried to talk to me.

    I loved Deputy Dog, Pink Panther, Mighty Mouse, Quick Draw McGraw, and that cartoon with the black crow who just hopped and caused all kinds of trouble. I can't remember the name. And those bears who called each other maw and paw.

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