Were You Ever "Marked" or Shunned?

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  • Satans little helper
    Satans little helper
    I'm shunned now dispite my not being d/fed or d/aed

    That's because you are a warrior princess who flounces around in an unfeasibly short leather mini skirt!

  • Xandria

    Yes, my sisters, brother and I were marked due to our mom being d/f. They made us feel horrible and even were cruel.


  • minimus

    Officialy, "marking" is supposed to be very rare. Only the elders are supposed to give the go-ahead to "take special notice" of an individual.

  • avishai
    Never a JW, but in my teen years the local religious cult (break aways from the Assembly of God folks) passed around pictures of myself and a friend of mine to the teens that attended and said we were..."The Devil"...I guess our public opposition to their "missionary work" in the parking lot of the local Pizza shop upset them. After that...all we had to do was walk towards that group and they'd break up.

    Geez, talk about a lawsuit!!!

  • HadEnuf

    My, my, my...I could write forever on this subject but don't worry...I won't.

    My son was marked for marrying an unbaptized publisher who was raised as a JW. Of course...he was never WARNED about his evil activities and the marking talk was done two days before his wedding. (The whole putrid story is on another thread if anyone cares to look it up under my topics.) As far as I know not too many in the congregation speak to them or have anything to do with them besides a few of my son's wifes relatives. (Hey...this is a GOOD thing).

    My mother and sister actively shun me. I haven't spoken to them for over two years. I am neither DF'd of DA'd...but according to my sister I am an apostate (she's got that right!) and am demonized. Arghhhhhhhh!!!

    We have little to no contact with anyone in our congregation...yes; our beloved brothers and sisters who would have died for us during the great tribulation if it came down to it. Most people go the other way when we are in the vicinity...and we shower and use deodorant daily, so I now that isn't the problem. A few weeks ago my husband and I were out for breakfast and a group of JW's out in service sat about 5 feet away from us (one of these persons was my husband's cousin and an elder)...they never looked our way or acknowledged our presence. Actually...I was most happy for this.

    GOOD RIDDANCE !!! Cathy L.

  • caligirl

    I was told by a friend when I was 12 or 13 that the circuit had allegedly marked me (for being a flirt) and she shouldn't talk to me, but I think that it was only in this one woman's little world because I never heard anything of an "official" nature from anyone.

  • Sirius Dogma
    Sirius Dogma

    My parents disowned me the first time I left, but I was an angry rebellious teenager too.

    They now claim it was because I was doing drugs (smoking pot on the weekends) and they were worried about me. They wouldn't let me in their house, literally turned their backs on me when I tried to talk to them and told me I was not their son any longer. Maybe it is just, but I thought it was a bit dramatic.

  • Nocturne

    I was never marked or shunned, but since I've been missing some meetings, and not commenting when I'm there, I've noticed a big difference in the way people treat me.

  • Redneck

    I was bad associating.. My best friend a specail pioneers son would always get in trouble and since my dad wasn't pulling his weight,well ya know had to be me...

    Funny part was when I left the area for a year he was busted to fornication....hehe and of course was still my fault...could go on and on...

  • Purple

    Yep I was shunned big time during my time and it was part of the reason I left. I was too independent and a lot of the sisters were jealous of the freedom I had and the fact that I had a life that they didnt! Now I look back on it I am glad I was shunned becasue it probably led me out of the troof a lot sooner than it normally would of.

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