Were You Ever "Marked" or Shunned?

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  • minimus

    How many here either were "marked" or "shunned" in some way?

  • Yerusalyim

    Never a JW, but in my teen years the local religious cult (break aways from the Assembly of God folks) passed around pictures of myself and a friend of mine to the teens that attended and said we were..."The Devil"...I guess our public opposition to their "missionary work" in the parking lot of the local Pizza shop upset them. After that...all we had to do was walk towards that group and they'd break up.

  • JH

    You can be active and still shunned to a certain degree by some who don't find that you're spiritual enough to mingle with.

    I'm inactive since years, and 90% will look the other way when they see me. If I start talking to them first, most will answer but the conversation won't last 1 minute.

    Marked? I don't know. Are you marked for not going to your meetings anymore? Are you marked when they consider you spiritually weak and don't attend meetings?

  • Strawberryfieldsforever

    As soon as we started to fade away and start missing meetings, I noticed a big difference in the friends at the hall. They would keep a distance at the grocery store or wherever we would see them. Some would just nod when we said hello. I think they were trying to show us that we were bad association.

    The funny thing now is: I consider them the worst association ever. I avoid them now at the grocery store or wherever.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Now that I've been missing so many meetings and turning in the lowest FS time possible, I'm pretty sure a few people in the cong have me "marked". But, if I cared any less about it I'd be dead.


  • Tuesday

    I remember an elder telling me that "many won't associate with you" because I had long hair. Oh and of course that he "didn't blame them for not wanting to associate with" me. So I guess I was marked but I've always been really funny so alot of people just wanted to talk with me to laugh. I was never disassociated but who knows now, I haven't been close to a meeting in about 2 years ( I went to the memorial a while ago).

  • blondie

    I was unofficially marked. That is where someone tells others in the congregation that they have personally marked you and why, influencing them to do the same.

    When I discovered it and pointed it out to the elders, they just shrugged and said there wasn't anything they could do to undo it. That's because it was the PO's wife doing it. Something was finally done when she started "marking" other elders' wives and children.


  • Satans little helper
    Satans little helper

    I was 'marked' because I liked heavy metal music and grew my hair a bit long. I also wanted to stay on at school and was talking about going to university (shock gasp). Aparrently I was too worldly

  • JH

    Can you be marked for growing a beard, while not attending, and being inactive?

  • Xena

    I'm shunned now dispite my not being d/fed or d/aed

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