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  • Valis

    yes please and thank you!

  • Sassy

    It has never offended me to have a woman breastfeed in front of me. Some of course are uncomfortable. I guess when my boys were younger I might not have loved having that breast come out right in front of them, but then most women are tactful of arranging themselves even if not covered so that they arent' as obvious.

    I didn't breastfeed my kids. I tried with the second and had problems. I think if I ever had another I would try again.. If I did, I'd have no problem feeding in public. I would try to do it in a tasteful way however.

  • Undecided

    My wife was shocked with the breast thing at half time. I said, "what is the big deal, I began life sucking on one of those things." She called me a dirty old man. It's just a mental thing with some people. If a woman wants to nurse her baby that is her right and the most natural thing to do. As for the Jackson thing, it wasn't in good taste but it's a shame to hide a nice tit like that.

    Ken P.

  • Billygoat
    As for the Jackson thing, it wasn't in good taste but it's a shame to hide a nice tit like that.

    Sometimes Ken, you completely ruin the sweet grandfatherly image I have of you! giggle*

  • shotgun

    I'm all for it...I just can't stand being slapped another time in public.

    A little modesty should not be a problem, I've seen many women breastfeed in public and it was not an open display.

  • Sassy

    Why would you be slapped shotgun?

  • simplesally

    I breasfed my daughter until she was 2 years old. She just wouldn't quit! I had learned to feed her while walking, even at Home Depot. At 2 years of age, she was too heavy to walk and feed at the same time. But we'd have to go to the car and but if someone was in my home, tough "titties" !!!!!

  • azaria

    I breastfed both of my kids and at times had to do it in public. It can be done discreetly; not to offend anyone that may disagree with it. As for Janet Jackson baring her breasts - I think it was so infantile. I don’t have too much of a problem with women going topless at a beach (though I would never have done it) but am really offended when it is used as shock value. Young children watch, and the fact that Justin Timberlake pulled it off might give younger children the idea that this is totally acceptable behaviour and possibly mimic this behaviour. It’s more than a little sad that such a natural thing as feeding your baby in public is frowned upon yet so many young, it seems mostly women, celebrities feel they need to outdo each other with more and more indecent behaviour.

  • nilfun

    I fed my children when they were hungry. And they got to eat wherever their fellow humans got to eat (Who eats their lunch in a public restroom anyway?).

    And the nursing blanket? As was mentioned before, those little darlings hated it, and would yank it away at first opportunity. So I thought, why make this stressful for my baby? Who am I doing this for anyway, those strangers who're staring at my breast (how rude to stare at a person when they're eating, LoL)...or am I doing this for my baby?

    If it was noisy, sometimes my babies would un-latch for a moment in order to turn around and see what all the fuss was about. And for a quick sec my nipple would be exposed for all the world to see. *grin* Oh well, those things happen.

    I too, wasn't "in your face" about it, but I'd hazard to guess that there may have been some people who might have thought I was being an "insensitive breastfeeder". But then, it wasn't about them, was it? I knew I was doing "the right thing" by my baby, and that was what mattered.

    *edited to correct one glaring grammatical error (there may be more, lol)

  • SheilaM
    This to me seems a lot like smokers copping an attitude if you don't like them blowing smoke towards your direction. If the smoker is sensitive and smokes outside, everyone is happy. It seems to me that sometimes people are caught up in their rights vs. doing what is right.

    BG with all due respect: The analogy I understand kinda...but I think there is a HUGE difference between puffing on a cigarette and nursing a baby. A baby needs to be fed when it is hungry and a bunch of WOMEN getting bent at a baby shower sucks. That is a time I wouldn't use a blanket not that I ever was not discreet. Doing what is right is nursing your baby, feeding your baby that is all that is right. Why should a woman have to feed her child on a toilet etc. In a resteraunt all you would see is little feet kicking and a Mother leaning over her baby and that back of the babies head...I fail to see where that can ever be offensive.

    Women seem to be the worst at this issue those and men that thinks boobs are only for their erotic enjoyment.

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