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  • dubstepped

    7Okay then, it sounds like there are repercussions. It sounds like your aunt is a JW and so is your big brother, am I right? Oh boy, I don't know how to advise you, but JWfacts is a great site. Unfortunately though, it may not go well for you if your aunt knows that you're looking at stuff from ex-JWs. I seriously doubt that you can open their eyes and have honest discussions about it because they believe it.

    You're in a tough place. You should have to face this at 13. I'm sorry, but honestly I don't know what to tell you because none of us knows your situation well at all or the people that you're dealing with.

    If you have to go along with things, I guess you have no choice. Just don't get baptized. If you do, there are more severe consequences if you leave someday. The rest is a game you have to play.

  • John Free
    John Free

    Everything is going to be okay akid48. You seem to have picked up on the fact that JWs only like answering certain questions, if you ask questions that truly challenge their belief-they will avoid the question and eventually the questioner. Well done for that. You're still Young and have plenty of time to plan your future and strategy for leaving this group. For now my advice is 1. Avoid confrountation with jw family about their beliefs. This will get you nowhere. 2. Work hard at school in order to one day be independent. 3. Return to this site in secret to seek advice, people here do care and can guide you.

    truly you have nothing to fear and you are smarter than me and many on this site who wasted years of life in this group. You have time on your side too.

    welcome to the forum.

  • Akid48

    @jhon free

    i made a new email to go on this site im trying to be in secret

    i have my own pc to and thanks


    the only thing i have done is join the school and im thinking of trying to get out of it before i have to do some thing in it.

    i send my thanks to you for trying to help

  • Akid48

    Well i just looked up if jws had any thing to do with the un at any time and i just know im getting lied to :/

  • Phoebe

    Hi Akid48,

    you sound a really smart kid. I wish I had been as smart as you at 13.

    Everyone on here will help you. Get a good education and above all, listen to what everyone has said and do not get pushed into baptism. No matter what they say, do not do it.

  • John Free
    John Free

    I said you we're smart! Sad that you have to do these things but the jw leadership is well aware that if you can control a person's information- then you can control the person. Preventing current members from communicating with former members is a key identifying mark of a cult. It took me 3 decades to work that out but you've got it at 13!

  • Searching

    I second the advice to not get baptized unless that is YOUR choice. Getting baptized makes things a whole lot more difficult if you in the end decide that you want to leave.

    JWFacts, as everyone else has mentioned is a wealth of information, and is honestly the main reason that I woke up, but there are also a lot of youtube channels that you can go to that have information in a easy to understand way, with their own personal experiences and struggles. I'd recommend EXJW Critical Thinker, JWStruggle, & John Cedars. Those folk were the main ones who helped me, but there are TONS more out there.

    This is a really confusing time for sure, and you are in a tight spot because at 13, they might not listen, simply because of your age. Hell - I know if I learned this at your age my parents would have punished me, then sent me off to my grandparents so I could get an ear-full more.

    But right now, the most important thing for you is to keep learning, don't stop researching, but also don't try to start a fight with your family over differing viewpoints. For the time being you might have to go with the flow, but learning the truth early will pay off in the long run.

  • dubstepped

    akid, one thing you have to realize is that the people teaching this to you like your aunt have been lie to also, they just can't see it. Try to have some compassion for them. You are clearly a smart young man to catch on to this. Those other people aren't stupid, they've just gone so far down a path and have so much to lose that they are blind to the actual truth. You haven't gone down that path yet, so it isn't as big of a deal to you.

    Myself, I was 38 when I woke up to what was really going on. Some wake up very late in life.

    Your skills at asking questions will serve you well in life. Be curious, but also be willing to challenge things to see if they hold up. Challenge yourself too. Sometimes it is uncomfortable to do so. It hurt me a lot to challenge my JW beliefs that I held for so long. But it was worth it for me. I'm not sure that everyone has what it takes to do that. Humans are very complicated.

  • Akid48


    Thank you all for the help i have been getting it means a lot for a kid like me to get help i have been researching all day but i will have to stop for 2 hours i have my family worship in a few mins but once again thanks for all the help.

    Sorry for the dumb name its just its a name none of my family would think i would make.

  • Giles Gray
    Giles Gray

    @ Akid48

    Firstly, I would like to say congratulations on being smart enough and strong enough to call into question the JW religion at such a young age. Very impressive.

    Please understand that it is very difficult for anyone to give you advice due to your age and not knowing in detail your circumstances.

    From what you have said so far, it seems that you are doing things correctly by learning about the alternative perspectives the Jehovah's Witnesses don't teach you. The more you learn the easier it will be for you to see through the illusion of it all.

    If your aunt is your legal guardian, it might be advisable not to confront her about your doubts right now. In fact, you might want to keep your doubts from everybody as it could cause them to work harder to get you to conform.

    Coming off the ministry school might be a good idea. You could always make the excuse that you find it a little intimidating. That was the excuse I used when I was your age and it worked fine.

    You are going to need lots of support to help you through this, so keep posting on here as much as you can. I'm sure people here will be delighted to be of assistance.

    It is also very important that you make a friends network outside of the religion. This might prove to be difficult as it is so discouraged by the JWs.

    I'm so sorry that you are having to face this at your age, but I hope you can realise how well you are doing to be able to see through this religion at the tender age of 13.

    JW Facts is a great site for the information you are looking for. Just take your time and don't rush anything.

    I look forward to reading your future posts and it would be great to hear about what you learn from your research.

    Please keep us posted on your progress.

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