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  • Giles Gray
    Giles Gray
    Akid48:- " I had to get in my mind that im ok at only looking at pictures of my mom and dad"

    That's tough as well. So sorry you lost your parents at such an early age.

    It happend to a friend I grew up with who was rasied by his aunt and uncle. He went on to become a very successful and independently minded person.

    Just a word of caution about what you share about your story on this site. Try not to reveal any information that might give away your identity. If someone were to recognise you on here it could prove disastrous.

    Hope family worship wasn't too painful.

  • LisaRose

    You may have to keep things to yourself for now, it depends on your aunt and how hardcore she is. Just keep asking the questions you are asking, get all the knowledge you can. The religion can sometimes suck you in, they have a way of playing on emotions and playing the guilt card. Knowledge is power, learn about cult mind control and gain logical thinking skills, that will help you see through the nonsense.

    Keep in mind that when I was your age the Awake magazine said that I had to face the fact that I would never have time for a career in this system of things. I am now 62, the system did not end in 1975 like everyone expected. They still say the same things to young people, don't believe them, go to college.


  • Akid48

    @never a jw

    I thank you for what you have said it means a lot

  • Akid48

    @Giles Gray

    i know i think i told to much as it is and thats why i haven't said any more facts than what i said.

    and it was ok


    i want to go to college for more than 4 years

  • moreconfusedthanever

    Hi Akid48

    I was raised a JW. I have found if you ask questions with a sincere tone of wanting to know the answers you will not get shut down as quickly.

    My recommendation to you is to perhaps visit the library in the KH and look up some of the old literature such as the Finished Mystery Book. This was published around the time they said they were chosen by Jehovah to be the Faithful and Discreet Slave. Then you can ask your questions pertaining to your research such as what was it that happened in 1919 that definitively proves that they were chosen by Jehovah then and if he chose them then, why is it that what they believe now is so different to then?

    If the question of you getting baptised comes up remind them that Jesus was 30 when he was baptised and that JW do not baptise children for the fact that they are not able to make such a life choice so young. It is a solemn and important decision that you do not want to rush into.

    A few years ago we were told by a CO that until you are baptised, you are an unbeliever so all children and youths are technically unbelievers. (tell that to the kids who are refusing cake at school)

    You are free to research and choose for yourself. If anyone pressures you remember that they say "we all must account for ourselves" so doing anything out of compulsion is not going to help anyone when Jehovah does the final judging.

    At this stage - since you are not baptised - you are free to do all the research and learning you please and not just on the JW.org site. So go ahead and do the research. That is what the bible says to do in proverbs 14:5 and Romans 12: 1 & 2 and Acts 17:11.

  • Akid48


    i thank you for the help i will try to use these when i can


  • flipper

    AKID- I admire you as a brave young person and want you to know that we here are on your side - rooting for you. My condolences to you on the loss of your parents my friend. Just keep on doing research on the Internet about the WT Society to get the real truth about what they are hiding from you. Lots of unethical, criminal behavior going on in that organization behind the scenes. You may have to go to meetings for awhile with your aunt, but in time you'll be of legal age to make your own decisions. Stay patient. I know it's hard, but you'll do fine. We are always here if you need support and want to talk. Take care friend, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Onager

    Hey Akid! Don't forget to have fun too! You've got a PC yes? Do you have friends at school you could play games with? Something like World of Warcraft might make your aunt flip out, but Minecraft would be ok surely? Everyone loves minecraft!

    Or get out and kick a ball around with some mates from school. Whatever makes you happy!

  • Akid48


    its to late i play games like csgo with school friends

    its to late for minecraft for me XD


    thank you for the support it means a lot

  • Giordano

    Believe it or not you have certain rights even as a 13 year old. Google child rights and family court. Family court, or the threat of one, is one approach that might resolve this issue.

    Were your parents JW's? Please let us know (I went back to your first post to see if you mentioned that). If they weren't you may have the legal right not to be raised in your Aunt's religion. Either way remain unbaptized at all costs until you have a clearer understanding of that religion. Jesus waited until he was 30 years old.

    Find out if your Aunt has to sign off on your playing in the school band. Talk to the school to find out if she has a legal right to prevent you from practicing at the school and playing in the band. If she does and it puts your participation in jeopardy that could be another issue.

    A different home situation may be a better option.

    Your Aunt is your legal guardian but if she is abusing your rights she would be considered unfit.

    You can also get her used to the idea that you do not want to be a JW, attend every meeting, knock on doors etc. And that you intend to participate in school activities and go on to high learning. The sooner you get that straight with her the better.

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