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  • Akid48

    Well let me start with my age is 13 and i have been thinking about this jw thing and i need help i just dont know if i want to be one any more.

    The help i need is some one to send me some links to places i can research i just dont know if i want to study with a jw any more.

  • Crazyguy

    Stop studying with JWs asap. Tell them whatever it takes to get them to stop. Then start research the Bible, is it really gods word? When I was your age born in JW I asked and elder why we believe the Bible is gods word what proof. He said that the Bible had no contradictions, all the prophecies had come true except the final 3 or so and that the Bible said the earth was round before and knew it.

    Well it took me years before I found out what he said was not true. There's tons of contradictions you can find these online. Some are taken out of context but the vast majority are really contradictions. 2 theres a lot of prophecies that didn't come true just read Ezekiel chapter 29 starting about verse 9 and keep reading for a couple of chapters, none of those came true. 3 the Egyptians and Greeks knew the earth was round at least 2 centuries BC, also I looked at the original translation and it was ment to mean round like a plate because at the time the Babylonians thought we lived in a world like a snow globe. Welcome and keep learning.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Well done Akid for finding this site--and welcome!

    I started to get involved at your age and boy do I regret it. The worst decision of my life. Believe me after wasting years as a deluded member of this cult I am so glad I escaped and started to live again.

    Let me just say that the teachings of JWs are all intended to make them servants if not slaves to their leaders and their teachings. JWs will strongly deny this because they can't see where they stand from being firmly stuck inside the organisation knowing that there are threats of punishment should they start to question the doctrines.

    I'll be brief; the Bible is hopelessly contradictory and a work of propaganda, not surprising then that Christianity and JWs follow the in the same pattern; asserting things to be divine truths but what is really only propaganda. The lovely promised paradise is just too good to be true, it is a utopian dream, it will not happen and neither will Armageddon, they are fictions.

    I wish I knew these things before I studied with JWs.

    All the best to you as you learn that adult life is more complicated than you were thought. The best answer to all these questions is to learn to be able to understand how to distinguish between what is true and what is religious salesmanship...in other words do aim to get a good college education and learn that truth starts and ends with evidence not faith.

    Do keep posting and let us know what you are thinking.

  • dubstepped

    We need to know who is studying with you and the circumstances around that before telling you to refuse study. For all we know it's your parents, as you're just 13.

    Read JWfacts.com as a place to start. If you have specific questions ask here. If you stick around and read you'll learn a lot.

  • pale.emperor

    This pamphlet here is full of useful facts: https://jwfacts.com/print/jw-studies-pamphlet.pdf

    There are many things they're not telling you. I was born into this religion and i've learned more about it after leaving than i ever did while in.

  • Akid48

    @dubstepped my parents died when i was 5 and i have been studying with a brother from my kingdom hall for a year now and he hasn't helped me with a question like was this from god etc and its getting me mad.

    side note: i live with my ants now and my brother

  • Akid48

    This is a update i have a family worship once a week should i bring up what i find or keep it to myself?

  • dubstepped

    Cool then. So if you stop studying there are no repercussions, right? Or is your aunt a JW? If so, drop it like it's hot and just tell him you don't want to study. You will save yourself a lot of heartache. You've had enough with your parents dying when you were so young. I'm so sorry. Just know that JWs are a cult and they will shun you someday and you will lose everyone again if you become one and change your mind.

    You deserve better than them.

  • Akid48


    To be real my ants think im the kid thats going to leave i just cant get over my head that my contact with my brother etc will be gone when im older it makes me sad i just dont now what is best right now i mean what do i do if im the only one that does not want to do it any more and it sounds like i will still get shuned i mean im 13 i cant go out on my own.

  • Giordano

    Welcome to this forum Akid48.

    At 13 I was an obedient kid and didn't fight too hard not to have a bible study or attend the meetings.

    As a teen you get a little drawn in especially when you make friends with other teens who are JW's and especially if you have a crush on one of them lol.

    Now the beliefs of the JW's can be pretty strange for instance they believe that God will destroy all non JW's at Armageddon. Since there are around 8 million JW's in a world population that is 8.5 Billion that means a heck of a lot of men, women and children are going to be slaughtered. So right there that's kind of over the top.

    They also don't celebrate holidays or one's birth day and by the way........ they don't want you to get a life saving blood transfusion. So in some respects it has a number of reckless beliefs.

    They also think it is proper to shun any JW that committees a sin. Not believing in what they teach can cause a person to be shunned for life by one's close family and friends.

    Above all do not get baptized until your an adult....... if then. Just remind anyone who thinks it's a great idea for you to get baptized right away........... that Jesus waited until he was 30.

    I'll second the recommendation to head over to jwfacts.com

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