What Is The Stupidest Rule You've Encountered As a Witness?

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  • Sassy

    Hey.. the rule in most of the halls I was in was that kids were NOT to be playing outside the KH at all! They must be in the hall with the adults and behaving like "little adults'

  • blondie

    Nylons are required in field service and no open toe shoes. (so said a CO)

    He was shot down quickly on that one when his own wife showed up one blistering summer day in sandals and no nylons.

  • minimus

    um..........are nylons synonymous with panty hose?

  • PurpleV

    In grammar school, at assemblies, if you were already standing up for the flag salute and the national anthem came right after, you could remain standing.

    If you had to rise specially for the singing of the national anthem, you had to stay seated (can anyone spell E M B A R A S S I N G???

  • Sara Annie
    Sara Annie
    (can anyone spell E M B A R R A S S I N G???

    As to the topic at hand, my gut instinct is to weigh in with the total lack of recognition of the hypocrisy inherent in many JW teachings, but there are too many to list---I suppose they could all be summed up in the school of thought that says it's OK (and necessary) to question your non-JW religious views and hold them to scrutiny to determine their truth, but then discourages any similar scrutiny to witness doctrine as heresy.

  • orangefatcat

    No wonder we dispise the WTBS and their leaders. The rules of course are well established as mens rules. Talk about pressing the issues the Society is just what Jesus Christ warned about, in his day when the pharisees and Sadusees and the rabbis.they'd heap traditions and rules on on the people and heavy burdens and true to form the Society does exactly the same thing....doh.. They are all so absurd. Can't wear a colour shirt, have to wear dark suits for the memorial, can't listen to music in the sevice, Couldn't speak your mind, your going ahead of the organization, sisters can't ask questions to the elders but must first talk with her husband as he is her head. Oral sex, masturbation, touching in tenderness, brothers have to go in pairs to visit a sister. A sister can't visit a single brother. And so can you breathe?? Low hours no microphone privileges. Elders have to kiss up to CO. DO and whom ever else.

    This one infuriates me to no end. They say a sister can remarry if she can prove divorce and she need not have any witnesses to establish this matter, however for the beautiful young individuals who have been sodomized, buggered, incested and all that other terrible stuff have to have to have 2 witnesses to establish the matter. B** S*t that pervert has the Society on its side as the matter can't be spoken unless this is established by two witnesses. What Asshole has witnesses when he or she is brutally attacking an innocent person.

    They don't want to have the police involved so they invoke a "clergy privilege" what the hell is that all about.

    Sisters can't teach with out headcovering. They can't pray in the her own home if she has a baptized young witness son.

    you can't speak your mind,.. you can't be disfellowshipped for gluttony. That one kills me, its right no one I have ever known has been disfellowshipped for that. Have you ever noticed a witness at a buffet. Ever seen how much food they can shovel in there mouth. I have seen elders eat like pigs and I am not kidding one elder all he ever did was eat and eat and eat.

    Can't watch movies that are interesting and dabble with demonic or si-fi stuff. It was frowned upon greatly in any circuit I was in. Si-Fi now way. No smoking yet until 1971 it was okay. Can't do birthdays but anniversarys.

    The list goes on and on and practically everyone has touched on something different. We aren't crazy they the WTS is. They want people who are mindless so that you can become a robot or a yes bot, oops forgot no si-fi stuff. gee whiz.

    They need to take chill pills and stop with the rules that are cruel.. Down with suppression. Liberate the masses.

    Love as always Orangefatcat.Orange Fat Cat 15 Flowers And Hearts

  • patio34

    Someone made the post a page or two back that it was easy to find stupid rules from individuals in the JWs. I'd like to suggest that the small stupid rules are nothing compared to the official doctrines of the JWs, such as no blood transfusions, no voting, no celebrations holidays, no school organizations to help the kids growing up, and in the past--no college. The list goes on and on.


  • nelly1

    how about the rule which is no where in the bible??

    50 hours for auxilliary pioneering and 70 for full time pioneers? did you ever see jesus say to the apostles" have you put your time in"???

    or make rules on how many hours they could do or when they could go to the loo or who they could walk beside sisters or not???unchaperoned geez talk about strain out the knatt. I remember at conventions them going on and on about dont go to the toilet unless its break time, like we can hold on if we need to go!!! sheesh.

    i found that most areas of my life were controlled and like has been said they do your thinking for you, great mind control teqnique huh?


    after you read crisis of concience you'll see just how man made they truly are, sheesh what an eye opener that is, im half way through it now and thats the thread thats coming through to me in reading that, its that man made all the rules as to how that org is run and there was a hell of alot of corner cutting and by passing and sheer slackness on the part of the people who were suppose to be in charge geez i have to laugh you know, they lay all that regimental rule keeping on us but when it comes to them they were the slackest of all * shakes head*

    i agree with everything you all said

    your friend


  • shotgun

    No birthdays is a stupid one.....they should be ok if you don't invite any bakers and keep the silver platters locked up.

    I believe some congregations made up their own regional rules about grooming and dress.

    Stupid rule from Lethbridge, Alberta congregation: My son was told by an elder, "Brothers "should" only wear white shirts ..."


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