What Is The Stupidest Rule You've Encountered As a Witness?

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  • Sassy

    that was a stupid rule.. I agree..

    I remember one time when an elder told us sister to get on our knees and if our dresses didn't touch the floor they were too short..

    oh.. and I have to agree with stillajwexelder... the oral sex rule.. everytime I open this page I see that post.. and every time I see it.. I think YES I agree. Stupid rule..

  • Atilla

    R-rated movies and even some PG-13 movies were totally off limits.

    One time an elder tried to have a conversation with me about it because he found out that I went go see the Matrix, oooh, how bad.

    My response was does that mean I can't watch Schindler's List either because it's R-rated, and then he didn't really have anything to say about that. I just continued to watch

    whatever I wanted, except now I had to be sneaky about it.

    Another one was why sisters had to sit down when they gave talks and then give the same talks about unrealistic situations.

  • smurfette

    All that women are the weaker vessel mumbo jumbo. I agree with Wick that headcoverings, particularly the fast food napkin kind, are not where it's at.

    We had the skirt length battles all the time just like Sassy talks about. One elder in particular used to make us kneel to check our skirt lengths.

    Not being able to watch or own products relating to the Smurfs, ET, Care Bears, etc.... due to their demonic influence was the most bizarre rule to me.

  • Sirius Dogma
    Sirius Dogma

    so many, so many to choose from.

    I think the stupidiest has to be -

    "No asking questions during the watch-tower or book study"

    I mean, god forbid turning it into something actually resembling a study where people might learn something or even think. Don't make the conductor have to think on his fee eithert, he is not allowed to think, only quote WT doctrine. I got conselled after the meetings many times for asking questions and debating during the book study.

    a close second, would be the rule that says -

    "Sisters can't conduct the little meeting before field service, unless of course there are no baptized men"

    I can't tell you how many times I would be the only baptized man going out in service and have to conduct. There were 10 women who where 10 times more qualified than I was, but it didn't matter. I am sure they all enjoyed the prays I had to give too, the jw equivalent of "rub a dub dub, thanks for the grub."

  • Sirius Dogma
    Sirius Dogma

    Almost forgot,

    "When someone sneezed, we could not say 'God Bless you.'"

    Not sure if this was regional, the idea was that because in the middle ages people said god bless you when you sneezed because they thought demons were coming out of you. still dont undertand it.

    and of course..

    oral sex.

  • Sassy

    how about the rule that say if there are no brothers they think read well, a sister must read. It totally conflicts with the fact that on the one hand sisters are not to be the main teachers but brothers... and yet you have a brother who is allowed to give parts on the platform but not good enough to read at the bookstudy?? how demeaning..

  • Galimo


    generally spaking... some people sure have strange views on how to interpret or apply certain issues...
    When I was expressing romantic interest in a young sister suddenly some people with or without any privileges had the urgency to give me unasked stern advice.

    Then again, some rules are there as a way of protection, that can't be denied. Just as you should adopt the "rule" of not crossing a red light for it might be "harmful to your healt", hehe.

    Maybe some JWs have strange ways to interpret or apply certain "rules", then again on this board I read some sure equally fanatic views on other issues.

    The human factor is the big variable here. You can't condemm a whole organization because some oh-so-smart elder applied a rule in a fancy way.

    Lol i remember once i had to remove a red cross sticker from my car, i had donated some money -no blood mind you- and the cross symbol was offensive.

  • Steve Lowry
    Steve Lowry

    More a local stupid ruling, but here goes. I wanted to have candles in my wedding but the elders decided that would represent a pagan practice. Uh, candles in a place of worship. When I asked how the first century Christians held services indoors before the discovery of electricity and the light bulb, well, they didn't have an answer. Go figure. Needless to say, no candles were allowed.

  • stillajwexelder

    the idea was that because in the middle ages people said god bless you when you sneezed because they thought demons were coming out of you. still dont understand it.

    Not quite -- in the Middle Ages - sneezing was the first sign of the Black Death -- so they used to know you were going to die - so people said god bless -- not pagan at all - just a sil lWT rule

  • xjw_b12

    So nice to hear from BelBab.

    Walter has some very interseting stories to relay, but when you talk with him and his lovely wife, there is never any visible anger there. True Christian spirit. But man can he call it like it is.

    Welcome to Atilla, Sirus Dogma and Galimo. Looking forward to reading more from all of you.

    Gawl Darn it, i cannot keep up to the new posters on this board. Must be the "increase in the time of the end" or some thing like that.

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