What Is The Stupidest Rule You've Encountered As a Witness?

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  • shamus

    "Toasting" because it's "Pagan". That's gotta be on my top ten list.

    My roommate used to toast all the time, because he thought that it was stupid too. He was a riot! Checking out the faces of Witnesses when he would do it, LOL!

    Talk about acting like a pharisee!

  • minimus

    The last year of my association, I regularly smiled and "toasted" to whatever I thought was worthy. Other Witnesses would laugh and a few did what I did. I'm looking forward to my daughter's wedding.......

  • Galimo

    Now that you mention "Gestapo" like activity.. hehe...

    I remember once a funny situation. There was this married sister who went to the bus station to receive her visiting real life brother. When her brother did arrive they kissed each other greeting each other. The wife of some elder saw that and reported that to her husband.
    What happened next is that this sister was taken aside by that elder and asked what that "scene" was all about? Kissing another man who she is not married too.

    The sister replied more or less like this: "You have sofar not a single time approached me for anything, so I welcome this situation that we can finally speak and know each other. That man was my brother. Next time inform yourself better before you come forward with swift accusations. And i would welcome your wife to first try to speak to me before she hurls out accusations"

    I dont remember all the details, the elder sure was shamefully red headed afterwards.

  • wannaexit

    stupid rule #1: A woman can't wear pants with a zipper in the front.

    Stupid rule #2: You can't pray at the bookstudy if you are not wearing a jacket.


  • minimus

    Galimo, I have heard the same tale at an assembly but it was a sister noticing a brother with another woman. So silly.

  • czarofmischief

    The no beards thing never made any sense to me.

    Neither did the no extra-curricular activities rule. Because it applied to sports, but there was a loophole in the old "School" brochure that let theater people do their thing. Fortunately, theater has kept me on the warm side of insanity since dubdom collapsed on me. But sports were a no-no.

    Also, some brothers were coordinating a football league; and they got into trouble for it. It was just too... worldly? I don't know, it was weird, it was like we were instinctively taught to say no to everything not provided.

    No smoking, either. Why not? Gotta die anyway, right?

    And that it was wrong to fight back under any circumstances; even when you were being bullied. Unless you were being raped. Then you HAD to fight back or get disfellowshipped.

    Wow, my head feels a lot clearer these days.


  • minimus

    More rules.......(some written, others unwritten).......2 door cars are inappropriate for "Christian ministers"----------Only an elder can marry a couple because only he is recognized as a minister, yet ALL JWs are ministers-------Rice throwing at a wedding is pagan and not for "true Christians" but wedding rings are fine---------JWs can stand for the saluting of the flag but not for the National Anthem

  • Badger

    two witnesses need to verify child abuse...even though the signs are obvious to all. That, and don't go to the cops.

  • Sassy

    by now I forget what things have been said..

    I wanted to post the toasting/not allowed rule yesterday but ran out of posts!! wahhh!

    How about the rule that if you spend the "NIGHT' behind closed doors with the opposite sex you have commited fornication or adultry?

    Probably already mentioned but that bugged me...

    Or the rule that you couldn't go to dances at school, participate in pep fests...

    Coundn't say Bless you when someone sneezes..

  • Valis

    One that got me mention in the local needs talk was how inappropriate it was to skateboard in the kh parking lot. It left skid marks on the concrete. But if you think about it, where else would JWs want their kids playing? Well duh around the freakin kh you would think...absurd really.


    District Overbeer

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