What Is The Stupidest Rule You've Encountered As a Witness?

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  • FlyingHighNow
    You can get disfellowshipped for phone or computer sex but not simply for masturbation.

    They'd have to df 3/4s of JWs over 12.

  • Strawberryfieldsforever

    Well at least men can touch a woman's breast and just get in trouble for uncleaness or loose conduct. According to the bible, if a woman touches a mans genitals, she should have her hand cut off........doesn't seem fair to me.

  • JH

    Internet is bad

  • belbab

    At Gilead school when I went there, when test papers are marked they do not use

    X 's to indicate that an answer is wrong. The X symbolizes the cross, a pagan symbol. O's (zeros) are used instead.

    Too bad they do not keep driving when they see an X at a railway crossing when a train is coming.


  • minimus

    Belbab-----I never heard of that. Maybe the just don't like hugs & kisses!......xoxoxo

  • Smoldering Wick
    Smoldering Wick

    I don't think wearing a McDonald's napkin on my head made me any more able to conduct a bible study with a guy or lead the group in field service.

    I really wonder if Jehovah considers a dirty doily as a sign of humility?

    ...let us pray.

    "Dear Jehovah God Almighty in Heaven...Thank you for the opportunity this morning to stand up and pray (i said "pray") like a man. (Although I remain seated) Forgive all the brothers who decided to sleep in on Saturday Morning while us sisters had to "render them their due", make breakfast, get all the crying children dressed & rush to the hall on an empty tank. Jehovah, since I am now wearing this McDonald's napkin on my head...this gives me the opportunity and wonderful power to not work with sister 'know it all' and sister 'will never take a break.' Thank you so much Jehovah. and... Please Jehovah...may this group be guided with the knowledge of knowing that this napkin represents all that we are working this morning for......a HAPPY MEAL!" woohoo



  • crinklestein

    Yet they all put down the Pharises for all the man-made rules they burdoned everyone with.

  • cyberguy


    I think you?ve found one of the dumbest JW-rules! I?m not sure if I can top it. How about this, you can?t ride in a car with a sister you?re not married to. Even when she?s old enough to be your mother. For example, I got a warning from an x-CO/then-Elder, about driving an older sister back home after field service. She needed a ride. Oh yes, if the ride was less than 10-15 mins., that was acceptable, if longer, a serious sin! Can you believe this?


  • Richie

    There are too many strange man-made rules which are totally unbiblical and too many to mention, but one of which is to disfellowship anyone who freely decides to disassociate him/herself from the Society.

    Richie :*)

  • Lonestar13

    Wick: LMAO!!! AMEN!!!

    Cyberguy: never heard of that one..in our neck of the woods, a brother could ride in the car alone with a single sister as long as she sat in the back of the car.

    My addition to this topic: years ago in field service we COULD NOT STOP FOR ANYTHING. Let alone if it were 5 below and we were all shivering, WE HAD TO KEEP OUR TIME GOING. It caused a lot of us young ones to HATE the ministry, it was torture. later on a CO came and took frequent breaks and only then did the die hards loosen up on that 'policy'.

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