Can somebody explain the songs and songbook obsession?

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  • stuckinarut2

    If one is there every meeting, the songs seem "normal".

    BUT after being away for a while, the reality of just how corny, cultlike and manipulative they are ring out.

  • prologos
    ToesUp could be right; it is one GB member acting out his fantasies to be a world class composer/arranger, with the assistance of more talented music GB helper specialists. Some of these new compositions are really ugly, whereas a few of the ones still on paper are melodious and hummable. Sad part is, that these works are a reflection of the disturbing personalities behind them.
  • sowhatnow

    i always found it quite interesting, that listening to a song on the radio, we can learn the lyrics and sing along usually within a few times of hearing it, however, al l the years in the khall listening and singing along with the words in front of us, I never saw a single person, sing without a songbook .One would think after 20 years of singing we thank you jehovah that wed remember all the lyrics, lol, but nope.[at least for the majority]

    thank God.

  • millie210

    Wasnt there some kind of scandal over the lewd pictures on the songbook?

    I guess that would have been the art department and not the music department but it did seem to highlight a lot of things changing in a short amount of time.

    When you stop to think that all these talented musicians are blindly following a "conductor" whose delusion is that he is annointed by God himself, it helps to explain why it is all so "off" in a musical sense.

  • kramer
  • kramer
    It's just that distribution is easier now. Before records or tapes would have to be sent out to congregations, and new song books printed. Now songs can be available to everyone at a much lower constant pretty much instantly. And with a majority moving to electronic devices now (in the developed world) - or soon will do, no need for mass reprints.
  • WTWizard

    The number is intended to connect with Saturn. The old book had 15 X 15 songs (225). The new book originally had 9 X 15, or 135--9 being the number of endings, combined with 15 (reduces to 6, the number of Saturn) to create a tie-in to slavery. They are going to gradually add more until they have a total of 150. This reduces to 6, again the number of Saturn and intended to funnel psychic energy from the congregation toward global communism.

    My suggestion: Find another 516 songs after they finalize the 150. You will ruin their psychic connection, since this adds to the number of the Sun. Try bringing it to 666, which is the number of the Sun and will bring better results. My recommendation is to find some of those Led Zeppelin songs to add, and add some of your favorite Christmas songs. Anything that ties in with the energy of the Sun will mess them up--anything from the washtowel is trying to tie in with Saturn.

  • OneGenTwoGroups

    David Splane, David Splane, and David Splane.

    He plays the piano and sings very well.

    He told us at a house party oops "gathering", "I served as the liaison between the Governing Body and the music department at Bethel, for the production of the new song book."

    The problem he has is that he can't write lyrics nor music, plus his narcissism gets in the way of everything he does.

    David Splane, the inventor of the overlapping group generation and the worst songs this cult has ever had.

  • Saltheart Foamfollower
    Saltheart Foamfollower

    The thing that REALLY annoys me about the new songs is that they expect us to either print them out ourselves (I am not a publishing company - you are) or try to read a tablet display shared among three or four. All they have to do is to print the lyrics in a study watchtower then it could be cut out and saved.

    Oh yes, and the content annoys me too.


  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    100% agree that music has affect on one's subconscious mind, psyche. By using these ''songs'' or videos is way of further entrenching the rank and file's mind into ''obedience''.

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