Can somebody explain the songs and songbook obsession?

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  • careful

    I've been out a while and have only put in a rare appearance at a memorial or brief visit at a convention/assembly to keep people off my back, so I haven't kept up on the songbook. But one thing I've noticed that the org. has been doing that they never did when I was in is all these "supplemental songs" that keep appearing. Atlantis has a recent post regarding some more. In it they reschedule the song singing in Feb. and Mar. and then there is this strong instruction to practice these new songs and really get them down before singing them:

    When the music, lyrics, and choral arrangements become available in your language on or JW Broadcasting, follow these four steps: (1) Listen repeatedly to the music or choral renditions of the songs until you know them well. (2) Analyze the lyrics, and try to memorize them. (3) Sing the melody together with the lyrics until you have mastered each song. (4) Rehearse the new songs a few times during your Family Worship session until your family is comfortable with them.

    In the bigger picture what in the world is going on here? Since the appearance of the new songbook, the org's actions totally break the protocol that they used to have regarding the songbook. It used to be that they'd come out with a new one every couple of decades. In other words, it didn't occupy their time much. It wasn't high on their list of priorities. Now they seem obsessed with constantly wanting to tweak the songbook, add this song (delete that?), etc.

    It cannot be just that technology that is making this easy to do. Some back at HQ must either be putting a bug in the GB's ear, or the GB themselves must be on this kick, to constantly give attention to the songs/music. They seem quite unsatisfied with what they used to be satisfied. Furthermore, they've got these pretty awful music videos they've been throwing on the end of the monthly broadcasts, here probably in an effort to reach out the young.

    Since we know that the org leadership never gives their true motives for such administrative changes, and if on rare occasion they do say something, it's always BS, does anyone with some ties inside the secret walls of the org have any insight into what's really going on here?

  • ToesUp
    I believe each GB member has his own special project. David Splane seem to be in all the new song video's and even directing the chorus. What ever the case, the new songs are not very good.
  • fiddler

    The singing of songs, especially propaganda and brainwashing type songs, gets more strongly entrenched in the psyche in this way. I think that is what's going on here. I mean, how many of us after 10 or more years out of the religion still remember the words to many of the JW songs? I won't mention any because I know what insidious ear worms they can be!

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Many of the songs in the most recent songbook (I think 2010 print) bring more reproach than praise to God! Take for example song 86 (Faithful Women, Christian Sisters) which was used to introduce the Congregation Book Study on Naomi and Ruth this week. This song was sung soo out of step & tune with the music that it was a disaster. It really was a joke! Many of the other songs are belt-out in the same way.

    I guess this is another indicator that God's blessing really isn't on this organization!

  • nicolaou

    What fiddler said is spot on. I'm guessing that struck a dissonant chord with a lurking JW who could only respond by clicking 'dislike'.

    (smiles and waves)

  • Divergent
    When the new song book was released, the reason given for the drastic reduction of the number of songs (from 200+ to 100+) was that it would be easier for all to familiarise themselves with the songs now that the songs have been reduced. So what the heck are they doing increasing the number of songs again???
  • Divergent
  • Divergent
  • smiddy

    I have been out for over twenty years and my memory of some of the songs that we had to sing were atrocious , the melody , the wording , it was embarrassing for us as JW`s to sing let alone for any newcomer to the hall that had to endure it , the plus is NC having heard that they never came back.


  • Divergent

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