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  • Corney


    607 BCE is a garbage - just like your posts.

    As for the rest, you're really a master of deduction.


    (I know I already posted it but it's too brilliant, I couldn't help myself).


    Your trio of Warwick elders storming a Mormon bomb-making facility.


    The video I've posted six days ago proved beyond any reasonable doubt that the initial post is a garbage. OP might either admit that or shut up. Instead, he's responded with multiple crazy unsubstantiated theories and accusations.

    Moreover, that press release mentions a religious group declared "extremist" by the Russian Sup. Ct. There are only four such groups, and three of them are Islamic. The text also mentions group literature studies, preaching activities and an international site, and the video depicts a predominately female group. It could be only JWs, and nobody else. In other words, that page contained enough information. Not to mention nobody disputed that were JWs until you intervened (I don't blame you, just explain why I didn't need to provide that broadcast before).

    It's not my fault that someone is so stubborn.

  • lastmanstanding

    Corney Corney corny

    Definition: trite, banal, or mawkishly sentimental

    Interesting no?

    Ok, lies by omission. Supposedly you are fluent in Russian. So then, you knew at the outset that the screenshot was not from the source that Watchtower org attributed it to, but rather from a Russian tabloid.

    A Russian tabloid, that’s the backbone of your “argument” and I’m “stubborn” for rejecting it. LOL

    I have a hard enough time accepting half the garbage from the MSM of the USA and you want me to accept as “evidence” some crap from a Russian tabloid from which all you have is your ASSUMPTION “It could be only JWs,”

    You must believe in luck.

    “put up or shut up”. Seems you should take your own medicine.

    Corney, you asserted that the official police site affirmed it was JWs. That was false.

    Corney, you asserted that the ‘news’ outlet, a Russian tabloid asserted that it was JWs, that too was false.

    Corney, you bully people and are arrogant.

    That’s true.

    For the rest of the readers here, you have heard the question “what’s wrong with this picture..?”

    I am a person who is paid to look at a ‘picture’ and I get paid to point out what’s wrong.

    If you look closely at the screenshot on JW news Org, the picture that is being haggled over here, it is a screenshot from a tabloid which makes no direct reference to JWs, a tabloid that is referring to an official website of the government which also makes no reference to JWs.

    Watchtower put a tribute on at the right of their screenshot of a screenshot with a false attribute.

    So, let’s discuss “what’s wrong with the picture”.

    First, these ‘police’ are decked out in SWAT gear with their faces covered. They are prepared to rumble, or so it appears.

    They have their faces covered.

    When special teams like SWAT bust into a place, they DO NOT go unarmed. They have their rifles and pistols cocked and ready, prepared to gun down the would-be crimers and protect themselves from harm.

    These ‘police’ are going in for coffee.

    When SWAT teams cover their faces, it is because they fear retribution against them or their families, retribution from the mob or the gangs that they are currently busting in on.

    What retribution do they fear from ‘God’s people’... the pacifists from Warwick.

    The ‘police’ would have been better off going in wearing Bermuda shorts, sandals and a flower covered shirt.

    The most dangerous thing about dubs is the crap coming out of their mouths. The only protective great the ‘police’ needed was earplugs.

    When SWAT teams bust in quickly, it is because the people they are busting in on might have time to either arm themselves or perhaps flush their drugs down the loo.

    So what... were the dubs going to flush their song books down into the septic tank? Hide the books in a hurry... as if the ‘police’ couldn’t locate them in the shed?

    Lastly, the ‘police’ rush up with a garden pick. As if...

    Do you think the cops carry garden picks in the trunk of their Lada?

    Standard issue Kalinhnicov, stun gun and garden pick.

    If you know anything about anything mechanical, then the sight of ‘police’ using a garden pick to open a door makes your head spin.

    If that door was locked, then that pick would never have got under the edge of it, and if somehow, by some stroke it happened that they were able to get a blunt pick under the edge of the door, then all they would have done is bent the door edge.

    My Gawd.

    If you were on a plane and the cockpit door was open, and you could see the pilot doing the chicken dance during landing procedure, would you conclude that it was standard fare?

    If a local tabloid published photos of it and claimed it was standard operating procedure to chicken dance during takeoff and landing, would you jump on board and berate anyone who disagreed?

    That dog and pony show was made up BS. It’s only a matter of who made up the BS. But for sure, Watchtower publishing that BS makes the head spin of anyone who knows how to identify a pile of dogs crap covered in flies.

    There have been several ACTUAL videos of police entering halls in Russia to enforce the new ban. People are shown. They walk right in unopposed. The most that might happen is some young testosterone juiced brother who stands in their path.

    Seriously, this made up BS video, if not done by dubs as a play act, has played right into the hands of the guttering buffoons who were only to happy to use it for their own purposes, and as it seems, there’s even people like Corny here who can’t identify a pile of dog crap covered in flies.

    I will finish with this thought. If this ‘video’ was indeed made by non dubs, then it was intended to intimidate easily fooled dubs through publishing it.

    And by the way, I and a few fellas I know could easily make a much, much more believable and intense video on the weekend, one that would make the Corneys of the world crawl under their beds and cry for their mother.

    PS. If you showed that to a movie producer and said it was your work, he’d throw you out on your ass. I

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