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  • EverApostate
    On the brighter side, maybe some of the dubs there will wake up, and find Jesus.

    Are you saying they would wake up from one delusion and get into another.

  • lastmanstanding


    14 hours ago
    Your accusations are ridiculous and pathetic.

    That’s just childish acting out.

    - actually, you were the first one who used the word "obvious(ly)" in this thread, and the only one who used it incorrectly;

    “Incorrectly”... really. That comment makes you look very unintelligent.

    - there is a difference between hating,
    criticizing or disliking someone or something and
    being blinded by hate;

    “Blinded by hate”. Now that’s just sad. Referencing your own comment to make another comment. I bet you talk to yourself a lot.

    - the Russian JWs are suffering because the government persecutes them;

    The Russians are not persecuting, they are PROSECUTING to remove a societally negative influence.

    And dubs wouldn’t be suffering if they behaved like Christians. They suffer because they are affiliated with Watchtower and it’s shenanigans.

  • Corney

    The authorities are prosecuting - and also intimidating, harassing and torturing - JWs merely for practicing their religion, not for any real, common crimes. This is a persecution. You probably shall use more all-caps and childish insults to provide a plausible justification for this state terrorism... and to prove that it obviously was a trio of elders.


    Recent arrests of individuals has been explained by authorities as a result of local interpretation of anti-terrorism measures and not the intention of the central government.

    I doubt they really have provided this explanation. Anyway, that persecution campaign is clearly centralized.

    However, JWs have been determined to be an 'extremist group' due to the deadly consequences of its blood policy and family negation in cases of disfellowshipping. That has been the justification of seizure of property of the WT and banning of open proselytizing.

    False. The main stated reason was "Oh, their literature contains bad things about other religions". There were virtually zero mentions of shunning, and very few mentions of blood transfusion. Finally, the ban isn't limited to seizure of property and prohibition of open proselytism.

    JWs are supposedly permitted to identify as JWs and meet with others if the meetings are public and not secret.

    False and illogical.

    The Fall Guy,

    R&F JW's are used as pawns & cannon fodder by the Wizards of Warwick and will be instructed to ignore the ban on the literature.

    Yep, that's why the Russian branch office advised JWs - long before the ban - to destroy all the banned literature in their possession and why cops had to plant it.

  • EverApostate

    Let any religion practice its own rituals and ceremonies without any hindrance to the public and let them keep their beliefs to themselves. Who Cares ?

    Problem arises when they persuade others to follow them.

  • BluesBrother

    the photo did indeed appear on JW.org a year or so ago. then it accompanied reports of a litany of raids and abuse by the Russian authorities. If you look carefully at the pic , right side, it has a credit to a Russian State website.

    So these are certainly not "elders playacting"... please check carefully before rushing to print with false assumptions. ... I am for fair criticism, but it has to be accurate.

  • Vidiot
    Corney - "...Russian JWs are suffering because the government persecutes them..."

    They've been labeled as "extremist", and IMO, WT rhetoric arguably supports that allegation.

    Going around poking people in the eye with a stick (even metaphorically), and then whining when you get a beatdown for it doesn't make you "persecuted", though...

    ...it just makes you an asshole.

  • lastmanstanding

    Blues brothers

    Fair comment, but... can you read Russian?

    And I did “look carefully “...

    The words at the right of the picture are put there by Watchtower. The “picture” is just a screenshot from the video. Did you check that?

    Blues, “checking carefully “ is for all of us.

    As far as the video, I would like someone to offer proof that that vide was shot by the Russian authorities and that those are actually officers behind those balaclavas.

    For all we know, that video was concocted by Watchtower, and the Russian site put it up there to show how far Watchtower will go in production of false information about the Russian State.

  • blondie

    When I was still attending assemblies/conventions, I noticed a change in vocabulary:


    rather than


    I asked the CO, what was the difference

    "Reenactments of faithful servants observing the Memorial in the first-century congregation; in the late 1800’s; in a Nazi concentration camp; and in our day in a modest, open-sided Kingdom Hall in a South American country with a warm climate."


    He said that the people in the re-enactment were not the original people in the account or even were a real family or situation.

    For example: An example of a family bible study might be shown on stage; The father and mother might be married to each other, but the children were not their own children, in fact the parents might not even have children of their own. The children would have to be exemplary in the congregation, and fit the cast required for what was being shown as an example of how to conduct a family study. Evidently, there was no family group that was exemplary that fit the cast required by the WTS for the convention. So it was re-enacted.

    Perhaps the example wasn't even one found in any congregation, just what an ideal situation could be.

    But...except for the jws familiar with the background of the people in the re-enactment, other jws would think it was a real family showing how they handled their family bible study.

    Why would I be surprised that the WTS devises re-enactments and takes photos and forgets to mention that this is just a staged situation.

  • lastmanstanding


    We know for a fact, as you discuss, that WT makes all these fake videos.

    We know for a fact that they have been nailed fabricating other stuff, in books for instance.

    The Tower, or even locals, could have started out with the intent of making a demonstration of happenings, or even just a fake, for insiders and then it got out of hand.

    And the Russians picked up on it, and put it up to demonstrate the Watchtower’s evil.

    Until someone who speaks Russian can decode the whole thing, we don’t know the whole story.

    I for one refuse to just go along with the flow. I don’t accept being fed crap. I question.

    For now, I go with what my eyes tell me, this video is poorly staged trash.

    Are the dubs under pressure in Russia? Sure. Nobody’s questioning that.

    But I won’t accept what I see as a fraud just so that some Watchtowerite reader here can ‘feel the love’...

  • Mad Irishman
    Mad Irishman

    Lastmanstanding, you are an idiot! It is not in dispute that the Russian government is putting JW's in jail, confiscating their property, and banning their meetings, Kingdom Halls, and literature. Or is Fox News, Newsweek, Time Magazine, NBC, CNN, Breitbart, Drudge, ABC, Moscow Times, and CBS all lying? You feckless idiot. Their buildings, homes, and Kingdom Halls have all bee raided. I guess you play video games instead of watching and listening to the actual news. Try reading a newspaper.















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