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  • lastmanstanding

    Corney isn’t interested in the truth. Corney is interested in Watchtower.

    I attacked the video on its merits.

    I attacked the Watchtower, because it deserves to be attacked.

    Corney tried to derail the conversation, saying “poor little old JW widow” ...”how can you beat her”

    Nobody ever said that JWs weren’t getting clobbered in Russia. But Corney tried to turn it into that.

    Now that’s the devil.

  • Corney


    Aren`t all of JW`s / WT` s statements ,predictions ,evident realities ,etc,etc. just fake news ?

    No, they aren't.

    As literally everyone else, they often lie, generally avoiding direct lies and using instead cherry-picking, misquotations, misleading rhetoric, half-truths, misinterpretation etc. And they likely lie far often than many churches and other organizations because their adherents typically won't question any bullshit they produce.

    But it's infantile to say: "Oh, they always lie". It's not different from Watchtower's rhetoric about "apostates" and media.


    Not me, the OP and those who like his stupid posts - they have a problem.


    That's pathetic. Unable to address my arguments on the merits, you've responded with a baseless accusation of lying and a smear. "I attacked the video on its merits," - no, you asked why faces are blurred and made up a crazy theory based on nothing. What about the other photos and videos I've provided? Are they also concocted by Watchtower?


    Your trio of elders.

  • lastmanstanding


    Unable to address my arguments on the merits,

    Your ‘arguments’ have no merits. Just refried Watchtower beans.

    you've responded with a baseless accusation of lying and a smear.

    Who’s smearing? Let’s take a smattering of your posts, just on this thread.

    ...possessed by hatred
    ....moronic, hysterical post
    ...ridiculous and pathetic.
    ...blinded by hate;
    ...stupid questions
    ...That's pathetic.

    When one’s questions are greeted by this kind of response, when one’s ‘questions’ are labeled as stupid and the process of discovery is painted as evil, then one is getting closer to the truth.

  • lastmanstanding

    Oh mea Kulpa, corney was right. Here’s the proof.

  • lastmanstanding
  • Corney

    Three comments, and no (counter-)arguments relating to the thread subject. So sad!

    Well, last try.

    I've reiterated and updated my arguments as follows:

    1. The video have been first distributed by the Russian police (the Tomsk regional department of the Ministry of Interior, УМВД по Томской области). And neither the text nor the video nor media reports accuse Watchtower or someone else of "concocting" it. I can certify it.

    2. Watchtower had no motive to fake the video which doesn't depict something extraordinary, extremely outrageous or very different from what depicted on other photos and videos distributed by the FSB, the Ministry of Interior and the Investigative Committee (examples: 1, 2, 3). The latter also proves its authenticity.

    Moreover, AFAIK, Watchtower used only a single screenshot. Would it create a short film just to use a single picture? It makes no sense.

    3. As to the blurred faces, the reasons for this are: a) to protect the identity of LE officers, especially police operatives (оперуполномоченные); b) to comply with the requirements of art. 152.1 of the Civ. Code ("Protection of the citizen's depiction") (despite there is no unified policy on this issue).

    Case closed, unless you are able to provide valid counter-arguments.


    As to the last comment you posted: that's apples and oranges.

    I never said or implied that the Witnesses or Watchtower must be immune from any prosecution.

    I'm ok with prosecuting them for real crimes, if the basic rule of law & human rights requirements are met.

    To the best of my knowledge, the Dutch law enforcement had legitimate reasons to conduct those raids, didn't acted in discriminatory manner, didn't humiliate or intimidate anyone and didn't plant evidences.

    Summary: again, it's apples and oranges.

  • Vidiot
    stillMS - "... it doesn't make Jdubs persecution and fake 'justice' in Russia look any better."


    It does demonstrate that what goes around comes around, though...

    ...and that - ultimately - the Org cynically and unnecessarily puts its membership in harm's way.

  • lastmanstanding
    I can certify it...
    Case closed,

    Corney thinks he’s ‘the man’

    2. Watchtower had no motive to fake the video

    Really, now that’s a gas. Like they have never faked anything or lied. bIG lies.

    But no motive..? I think we can come up with a few LOL

    As to the blurred faces, to protect police

    Another gasser...! The blurred faces are the dubs, not the police.

    You get gassier with every line.


    The only thing that’s “closed” is Corneys mind.
  • Athanasius

    My wife is Russian, so I had her translate the information on the website that Corney provided.

    What is interesting about the Russian news report and the videos that accompany it, is that there is no mention of the JWs. The article and the video of the Russian policewoman just mention an extremist group with extremist literature. So I viewed the video of the police examining the confiscated material expecting to see Watchtower magazines and books. But I didn't see anything that could really identify this group as being JWs. If I missed something please correct me.

    If the group in the video were JWs, it seems strange that the news report would fail to mention them by name.

  • lastmanstanding


    Thank you. Now THAT is meaningful research.

    It might turn out that the group is not JWs at all, maybe a group building bombs for all we know.

    The Watchtower will latch on to anything, until they’re caught.

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