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  • lastmanstanding

    The current “news” on JW.borg


    Look closely at he picture of “Russian” police breaking in to what appears to be a utility shed.

    First, you’d have to be a complete moron to believe anything you see.

    The “police” are shown using a garden pic to open a door. Oh please. A garden pic.

    Next, it’s obvious that the door was already opened and the picture is staged.

    This is obviously a trio of elders (actors) acting out their perceived scenario.

    Good heavens.

    So, as objective persons looking at this you might say “yeah.... so they play acted what they believed happened.”

    Indeed they did. But that’s not the point.

    The point is the length of deception they are going to.

    Please look at the right hand side of the picture. It says the below.

    “From the website of Ministry of Internal Affairs tomsk Region”

    Ok, why include the attribution to the source? Is the Watchtower afraid that the Russians might do something to them if they use it without permission? HA! They are already under freaking BAN..!

    Also, why would the Russians ‘persecutors’ give them permission to use it...?

    This is how thoroughgoing the Watchtower deception goes. This is their rabbit hole.

    And the gullidubs eat it up.

    Here is the link to the Russian site. See if you can locate the fake news.


  • StephaneLaliberte

    You're calling out a story that is older than a year... sorry, but seems like the russian website doesn't go back that far.

  • Corney

    You are obviously possessed by hatred. I don't know how else to explain this moronic, hysterical post.

    As to the source of the picture, it's available on a government site here / alternative link (watch the second video).

  • stillin

    Last man, I came to realize that ALL of the pictures in the WT publications are staged. They all have subtle little aspects that he Witnesses pick apart as though it had been a candid , spontaneous picture. Spontaneity is not welcome among the Witnesses. You might even say that the pictures are dishonest.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    @ LMS - JW's in parts of Russia are experiencing persecution thanks to their hierarchy's insistence that the cult's literature is the spiritual food which JW's must consume - not the Bible.

    R&F JW's are used as pawns & cannon fodder by the Wizards of Warwick and will be instructed to ignore the ban on the literature. Hopefully many of them will open their eyes and see how this American corporation is using them for propaganda purposes.

  • JW_Rogue
    Last man, I came to realize that ALL of the pictures in the WT publications are staged. They all have subtle little aspects that he Witnesses pick apart as though it had been a candid , spontaneous picture. Spontaneity is not welcome among the Witnesses. You might even say that the pictures are dishonest.

    The photos of people preaching around the world are the worst. They are always preaching in some tourist destination and the locals are very interested in the message. JWs even know that it is fake because it isn't like that in real life. My wife and I went to this local tourist spot, it's a large park with museums, fountains, gardens etc. There were lots of people there because they had an event with food trucks and live music. Everyone is having a good time eating, walking their dogs, hanging out on the grass. Guess who we see on the main plaza? Two JWs manning a literature cart. No one is talking to them, everyone is having fun except them. It was very sad.

  • lastmanstanding

    Corney, since you wish to use the word “obviously”, we’ll use it with you.

    You are ‘obviously’ working for Watchtower. You spend all your time defending it here, as if...

    And you ‘obviously’ twist just like Watchtower.

    If someone ‘outs’ the Watchtower, you attack the person. And you twist.

    You try to blend individual dubs in with the tower. As if they are the same entity.

    Dubs are deceived by the tower. they are not the tower.

    I hate the tower, because the tower is BAD.

    and you should to since you are a lover of Jehovah.

    I quote from the NWT since it is ‘obviously’ your favorite bible

    Psalm 97:10 O you who love Jehovah, hate what is bad...

    As for dubs, the poor dubs that I do NOT hate are suffering in Russia because of the tower that we hate.

    As far as the video, why are they blanking out faces?

    It still looks fake.

    On the brighter side, maybe some of the dubs there will wake up, and find Jesus.

  • Corney

    Your accusations are ridiculous and pathetic.

    As to some particular claims:

    - actually, you were the first one who used the word "obvious(ly)" in this thread, and the only one who used it incorrectly;

    - there is a difference between hating, criticizing or disliking someone or something and being blinded by hate;

    - the Russian JWs are suffering because the government persecutes them;

    - the video published by police looks fake because faces are blurred? Seriously?


    The JW Website and all the pictures they use are propaganda, pure and simple. It’s all staged. There are no candid photos of Field Circus.

    It is very sad how the poor, dumb sheeple are asked to explain what’s happening in the propaganda pieces as if they are candid shot, and not carefully crafted advertisements.

    Just a thought: When you see a video of JWs in service, do you really think the occupant of the house has set up a camera to record the Dubs?? Then he just lets the WT use it?? Do you think that maybe it’s all staged??

    This isn’t new, There are older examples of faked and altered pictures of preaching. One of the worst examples of photo-shop ever involved an magazine cover of Sam Herd in fake service...


  • peacefulpete

    The Russians are again targeting a number of "new religions" based outside Russia. This is not in dispute. Scientology has experienced a nearly identical campaign against the movement. The claim that this persecution is proof of being "the true religion" is typical of groups like them. Recent arrests of individuals has been explained by authorities as a result of local interpretation of anti-terrorism measures and not the intention of the central government. However, JWs have been determined to be an 'extremist group' due to the deadly consequences of its blood policy and family negation in cases of disfellowshipping. That has been the justification of seizure of property of the WT and banning of open proselytizing. JWs are supposedly permitted to identify as JWs and meet with others if the meetings are public and not secret.

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