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  • jookbeard

    their entire belief system of over a hundred years has been based on lies and fake news

  • lastmanstanding


    That’s why I’m sKeptical of anything having anything to do with the tOwer

    There are many groups that are in the same boat with Watchtower... in Russia. It’s likely that the video, from which Watchtower took the screenshot, is not even about Watchtower and the people are not JWs.

    Probably Mormons or Scientologists or the like.

  • Vidiot

    Not all that surprising.

    The Org has a long, proud history of cribbing from Worldy sources.


  • JW_Rogue
    blondie, stillin, DD, JW_Rogue,
    Are you kidding? Do you want to say you really don't understand the difference between pictures, videos etc. clearly provided for illustrative purposes, and those presented as depicting real events and attributed to a government source?

    Can't speak for others but I was really just making a side point of how most of their photos and videos are fake. The footage I've seen from Russia looks very real and I have no reason to doubt it. The things going on over there are serious but WT is making it worse by saying openly in the study WT that brothers should hide literature and meet in secret. Seems they are trying to make more martyrs than necessary.

  • stillin

    JWRogue, my feelings exactly. The trick for the all-in JW is to sort out the staged pictures and videos from the real ones.

    I suppose that to merely suggest that there are posed, fake pictures is the same as apostasy to those in denial.

  • Corney


    No, it isn't a news report - it's a police press release. And you can compare it with another - but virtually the same - law enforcement agency's press release published in the same region on the same date: https://tomsk.sledcom.ru/news/item/1232729

    You also can watch this local state TV report (at 0:10-0:18, 0:58-3:03): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Am0Fx6bjMI

    I think now you are satisfied it were JWs.

    Also, can you please say whether those articles and videos contain any claim or indication that the video in question was created by Watchtower or by anybody else other than the police? Or accusations of something other than proselytizing and conducting group literature studies - like, say, bomb making (lol)? I would be grateful for your response.



    As I expected, you were unable to address my arguments. I'll answer the single counter-argument you provided.

    The blurred faces are the dubs, not the police.

    First, some people whose faces were blurred are law enforcement officers (оперуполномоченные, or опера, who don't wear a uniform). Proofs are here: https://ibb.co/album/dmX4Tv

    Second, my argument 3(b) that you ignored applies to JWs.

    And as somebody whose native language is Russian and who studied Russian law and read thousands of pages of publicly available court decisions, "expert opinions", legal comments etc., not to mention countless media publications, I certainly can certify those things.

    Nobody prevented you from defending your case. But you opted to clown around. You defaulted.

    As Justice Holmes would write, five pages of fruitless discussions is enough. I'm not going to reply to your future comments in this thread (but I don't promise I won't). I hope Athanasius will be so kind to spend his time on this nothingburger - and then he'll confirm that your claims lack any merits.


    Your trio of elders и примкнувший к ним Шипилов.

  • lastmanstanding

    Corney, your words are worth less than bilgewater.

    Let me be the first to call you a liar.

    You claim now, at the end of this discussion, and it is ending, that you are fluent in Russian. Only now do you say this after I’ve earlier commented on the necessity of a Russian speaking individual to assist in translation of the facts.

    You do NOT speak Russian, but there is most likely ones there at Warwick where YOU work in your Watchtower apology who have been assigned to help you as you flounder here.

    You are a Watchtower defender. You are a dub. A PIMI DUB. And you will defend Watchtower till the end.

    I took the time early on to go through your other postings. You defend Watchtower.

    You are PIMI. They own your soul.

    You don’t have a choice when it comes to the revelations concerning child molestations etc, the ARC, the arrests, the court cases, because if you tried to defend there, and Watchtower would like to, then on this board you would be fried.

    I’ll bet that you have defended the Watchtower’s invented 607 date, in spite of the overwhelming evidence that conclusively demonstrates that it is false, and that 587 is the correct and irrefutable date. Somewhere, if I could find it, you defend 607.

    Go ahead, you want a sliver of credibility, tell us that 607 BCE is false, and so is the 1914 BS crap about Jesus’ “invisible” coming.

    Even if, and it’s a big IF, the video is actually depicting real Russian police doing a raid, there is NO EVIDENCE that and JW is involved.

    Just to show how contradictory your arguments are, note this. You suggest that the big bad mean Russians are doing nasty to dubs, violators of dub rights etc, but then you suggest that the big bad Russians care so much about dubs that they blurr their faces to protect them.

    I call FOUL.

  • stillMS


    I'm a Russian native-speaker, and confirm that https://youtu.be/6Am0Fx6bjMI actually mentions exactly Jdubs and the Borg - so calm down, please, with your accusations.

  • lastmanstanding


    I use a few caps and you conclude I’m not calm..?

    Thanks for your concern, but I’m quite calm, I assure.

    I went through and read many of Corney past postings and one theme is continuous throughout. Corney always defends Watchtower.

    Corney always tries to minimize Watchtower’s wrongs. Corney goes to great lengths to find some ‘data’ to support Watchtower, very time consuming. That is not objective.

    It quickly becomes obvious that Corney is a watchtower apologist and spends an inordinate amount of time devoting him or her self to minutiae, in support of Watchtower.

    so, I’m not going to just take the word of someone who is clearly only interested in defending an organization that has lied and lied and lied.

    But, if others who are objective can speak to the issue, then that’s another thing.

    PS I still want to hear what Corney says about 607

    PSPS If Corney said at the outset that he/she speaks Russian then that would have been a different story.

  • Athanasius

    The link to the Tomsk police press release that Corney first posted didn't mention the JWs. So there was a legitimate question as to which extremist group the police were investigating.

    However, the link to the Russian news broadcast that Corney provided today, does identify the group interrogated by police as being the JWs. While this tells us the identity of the religious organization in question, one does have to ask why it took Corney almost six days to provide the answer.

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