Why I think the J.W. Religion will be around for a long time yet.

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    LOL! My exclamation points are for your benefit. Hopefully, something will break through the permafrost of your consciousness.

    Your comments are not sufficient to raise my blood-pressure. Don't flatter yourself. Hearing you counsel someone on "rants" that aren't focused is very ironic.



    Also, "comprehendible" is not a word. You're welcome.


  • Sugar Shane
    Sugar Shane

    He's right, no such word exists, MMAUB

    At least my rant makes a helluva lot more sense than that terribly written & misquoting Bible 'Teach' book you use. What a waste of paper. At least they could put in on a roller so I could mount it next to my toilet.

  • jwfacts
    Makemeanunbeliever- God will be the judge if they are right or wrong, not an internet bulletin board,

    This is the sort of defeatist attitude that keeps people within the cultural religion of their birth. "God will be the judge if Scientologists are right or wrong, if SDA's are right or wrong, if .....[insert current religion here]... ."

    Humans can be the judge of whether or not JWs are right or wrong, because there is endless evidence on which to base an intelligent decision, including over 100 years of lies, misquotes, constant doctrinal changes, simplistic doctrine based on eisegesis, and failed exclamations of the world's end.

  • steve2

    Jwfacts - a welcome breath of fresh and reasonable air to the convoluted thinking of those captivated by the status quo. If everyond took that defeatist view!


  • StoneWall
    partial quote from Makemeanunbeliever:3 hours ago
    "@prologos-Time will tell. One thing time has told us, each generation progressively gets worse. And this generation is one of the the most, if not the most, perverted in history."

    My Response to this;
    Give me a freaking break. Have you ever read about the atrocities that happened during the Crusades?
    This is so tiring about hearing how this generation is so much worse than previous generations.
    Have you heard in the news lately about the beheading of people. NewsFlash read in the Bible about how David not only killed Goliath but also decapitated him. Read about how Samson ruthlessly killed Philistines and how Pharoah of old had all the babies at/near the time of Moses killed.
    This generation is no worse than any that preceded it. The only thing that has changed is we have more people and more weapons with which to kill with.
    Hell King David and King Solomon "evidently" had God's blessing even though they were each married to hundreds of wives as well as having hundreds of concubines.(Fornication/Adultery in today's world but I guess it was OK back then cause God doesn't change, he's the same then as now huh)
    All this bullshit about how bad we are in todays Generation.

  • steve2

    Mmau can you specify how this generation is more perverted than the previous ones?

    Are you talking about the push in most enlightened countries for human rights legislation so that for example, minorities are protected under law instead of unfairly treated?

    Or the emergence of groups such as Amnesty International that keep thr world aware of human rights abuses?

    If this generation is the worst to date, whst would you have called earlier "generations" such as those in Biblical times in which Jehovah ordered His people to completely wipe out other people, including old people and babies? Or is an "atrocity" okay if God directs it?

  • Sugar Shane
    Sugar Shane

    Great points, Stonewall!

    Whenever they speak of ISIS atrocities being a sign of the end, I remind them of all the Russians, or Poles killed in WW2.

    This vid is a MUST-watch. It compares, in a most vivid way, the losses then, to now. A couple of JWs were recently telling me about ISIS, ect., and the "end of the wicked system..." I sent them THIS, and they've been awfully silent over the past few days:


  • Sugar Shane
    Sugar Shane
    ...and back to my earlier point, everyone who sees that vid, needs to send the link to every JW you know. Set up an anonymous email if you must. They need to be 'beat over the head' with REAL accurate knowledge. IMO
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    ''Mmau can you specify how this generation is more perverted than the previous ones?''

    That's because he can't!!!!

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