Do not think the end will come?

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  • Akid48

    Thats somthing i see thats asked in my kingdom hall if you want to go get more than 2 years in collage.Thing in some one asking that to me or etc i cant say any thing or that would show that i dont believe.

    i HATE when some one askes me that when i try to plan ahead when it comes to what job i want.What job would help me hold my own but no god will give if you put him first.I dont believe in god even when i did i never buyed into that.

    it seems you cant get away from the question im only 13 and i get that question theres no getting away from it.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    almost 2,000 years since the END was expected, always around the corner since the apostle Paul. You can either play along, or have fun with a challenge. How many generations of Bible students/JW's have died expecting the end in their own lifetime? 5?, 6?

  • OnTheWayOut

    The organization has said all things on all sides of this issue. Throw the pro-college stuff in people's faces.

    During this period, advice was still given about the dangers of university, such as that if “a Christian is considering pursuing additional schooling, he would do well to examine his own motives to make sure that selfish, materialistic interests are not the driving force.” (Awake! 1998 Mar 8 p.21) However, the articles were more balanced, concluding, “such decisions are of a personal nature. Christians ought not to criticize or judge one another on this matter.” (Awake!1998 Mar 8 p.21)
  • Saethydd

    Don't cave to their illogical demand that you sacrifice your best chance in life to get a college education. In my opinion college is a wonderful experience in and of itself that will change you for the better if you let it. I know for me personally it expanded my ambition, compassion, empathy, and capacity for logical thought, all on top of increasing the knowledge I have in my desired field.

    Do your best to ignore their arrogance that leads them to think they have right to tell you what to do with your own life, because in the end you have to live with results of those decisions, not them.

  • Finkelstein

    I hope the end doesn't come and one really shouldn't spend their time thinking and contemplating that.

    The book of Revelation is just more ancient mythology, meaning fictional story telling but some religious charlatans used and and exploited this last book of the bible to sell and promote literature, the WTS to name one group.

  • Divergent

    Just use their own words against them. It's fun! ;)

    For example:

    If you really think the end is coming yourself, wouldn't you have already quit your job & started pioneering full-time???


    Bro / sis X just bought a new car / house. Why don't you ask them the same question that you just asked me???

    Savage mode works very well for me =)

  • freddo

    The Watchtower magazine has been predicting the end (or at least telling us we are very deep in the time of the end) for 138 years ...

    Just remind them (and yourself) of Acts 1 v 7 and Luke 21 v 8 ...

  • berrygerry

    Father used to say that we should plan ahead as if Armageddon would not come in our lifetime but lead our life as if it would come tomorrow—precious advice that I have always tried to apply. Balancing patience and eager expectation is not always easy, especially since the ravages of old age now keep me confined at home.
  • Half banana
    Half banana

    You could show them Mark 9,1 and make no comment or you could simply shake your head and smile. Whatever you do, be yourself and don't let others pressure you into conforming to the stupid cult.

  • Ding

    A lot of JWs thought the end was coming in 1975.

    If they had started college that year instead of waiting for Armageddon, they would have graduated 38 years ago.

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