Do not think the end will come?

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  • steve2

    Successive Generations of JWs have found out that the end indeed comes: the end of their lives. One by one by one, the older generations die off - the end comes. The older you get, the more you see it.

    What you don't see, generation after generation, is the end of this system.

    In 1969, first my mother and then my maternal grandmother dissuaded me from getting a higher education so I could train as a journalist. I had even bought myself a typewriter - a princely sum of money in those days! My dream evaporated.

    Their chief argument wasn't so much that I would get caught up in the world and leave the "truth". No. It was that we were so very near the end of this wicked system of things that I would barely complete my training before the end would be here. Convinced me big time! 1975 was a few short years away!

    Well, we know the end of this system did not come.

    I am now less than 3 years away from retirement age at 65. Thank goodness I turfed JW organization out of my life in the early 1980s and went to university, completing my PhD in Psychology some years later.

    As you'd expect, my grandparents and parents are now deceased; they have met their end. And this crabby but still beautiful old world rumbles on.

  • punkofnice

    the end will come for all of us at some stage. We are only here looking for distractions before the grim reaper takes us to total oblivion with no after life.

    nox est perpetua una dormienda!

    Then there's the Sun going supernova but I think we might miss that one.

  • zeb

    You could always play at being vague and in the mean time do your school work to your utmost. If people begin to pressure you to be baptised say "Hey Im 13 not 30" as was Jesus when he was baptised by John.

  • Alive!

    Point out the GB has always planned well ahead, building for the future.

    They have consistently approved various building plans around the world that were two to three years or more in the future.

    Say you looked at them and saw their wisdom in living as if the end isn't coming too soon, whilst keeping in expectation.

  • smiddy3

    You can always use Theocratic Warfare strategy back on those that ask that question .

    Your answer : Of course I believe the end will come

    .{ In your mind you are answering truthfully as to when your own life ends ,you don`t know when just the fact that it will end one day}

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i left school aged 15 because the end was coming.

    i went pioneering till my late teens because the end was even nearer.

    i got married at 20 because the end was so close ( no double entendre meant ! )

    i'm 70 next birthday. the end is even closer now -ive been told.

    i couldnt give a toss.

  • ttdtt

    On CO told us ( a long time ago ) Plan like the end isn't coming, but live like its coming tomorrow.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Next time someone asks you that question, just nod and say, "It's got to come some time, but the Bible says that even Jesus didn't know when the end would be. Didn't he give us the principle at Luke 14:28 that we should be prepared in life? Shouldn't I apply that and prepare for my life? I don't want to live off other people like some do."

    Take it easy and keep learning. You've got your thinking skills developing.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    My advice is to just tell them what they want to hear and move on. While it's inappropriate for them to be asking such personal questions, some of these responses are just as inappropriate (in my opinion) for someone of your age in response to an adult. That type of disrespect would just get you into hot water.

    You don't owe the folks at the KH a straight answer. Who really cares what they think? Make things easier on yourself and just deflect with something like "hopefully the end will come before I even have to worry about that".

    Just my opinion.

  • Finkelstein

    The end is coming mantra has been used by the WTS to promote the proliferation of the literature the WTS published, going back more than 100 years.

    Its a false doctrine tainted with commercialism.

    The WTS is very much a fear mongering apocalyptic publishing house that does lie and exploit the bible to support those lies.

    Tricky and deceiving one might say

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