Do not think the end will come?

by Akid48 30 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • scratchme1010

    Go to college anyway. They are not going to support you. After college, when you have a good job, keep them away from asking you for money.

  • sir82

    When I was a kid, the same line of reasoning was used on me - well, on all of us.

    Two years of college, for an associates degree, was maybe - MAYBE - OK, so long as you pioneered while going to school.

    Fortunately, I had parents who didn't buy the hype. I got my bachelor of science degree (granted, at a local state university while I lived at home. I certainly could have gotten into a much better school).

    But anyways, I graduated with my degree....over 30 years ago.

    I am now engaged in figuring out how to live my upcoming post-employment, retiree life.

    "The end" was "imminent" when I was in college...over 30 years ago. It didn't come.

    "The end" will not be here when it is time for you to go to college.

    Don't listen to idiot JWs. They've been saying "the end is very soon" for 140+ years. It hasn't come, and it isn't going to come.

  • LongHairGal


    What really annoyed me when I was in the religion was the observation that many older people came into the religion AFTER they earned their living. They already had a pension and whatever education under their belt!!! OR - a "worldly" man worked 40 years to support them.

    Where do these idiots think money comes from? Whenever the "end" supposedly comes, you have to eat and pay bills now!

    How dare anybody like this criticize a younger person who has to go out and work to support themselves! Today a young person NEEDS college. Your resume would be thrown in the garbage without it or you'd never get the interview in the first place.

    I am retired now and am so thankful I NEVER listened to these people and I held onto my full time job.

    These people have NO accountability to somebody damaged by not getting college/career... Many of these hypocrites have passed away after living a comfortable life and are not around for you to go begging for money if you're starving.

  • Giordano

    It may be that some who ask you about higher education have already made up their minds that it is hard to hold on to one's beliefs with all the distractions of college. It only takes one story to influence a hundred JW's. Or Hundreds through one Assembly tall tail.

    If you have to be around these folks at meeting's etc for the next 5 to 8 years........... its best just to thank them for their concern. Make mention of a two year community college so you can get certified. That's becoming the new educational 'norm' for the born-ins.

    Do avoid getting baptized............ best to put off that decision as no good will come from it. The big risk is that when your friends are all JW's getting Baptized is the 'in' thing to do.

    Definitely work on building a worldy social network, and make it a point to stay in contact with relatives especially those that are not JWs.

  • steve2

    Response: "Of course I believe the end will come. I'm taking my cue from the brothers at headquarters who are still planning well into the future whilst simultaneously preaching about the end."

  • jwundubbed

    "I not only believe, I trust God enough to take him at his word. He said that no one will know when it will happen. I don't need to speculate. I need to live in this system until the end does come."

    Real logic may be lost on your audience. Why plan for an outcome that someone else has already taken care of. That doesn't make any sense. Better to be efficient and productive enough to plan for the things that other person (or God) hasn't planned for you.

  • Chook

    The end of the world is coming for as long as mans existence. The only end every single one of them experienced was in a wooden box six feet down. And if you look at the two end of world scenarios in the bible noah and Lot both these guys didn’t belong to an exclusive organisation or nation. It was plain Jane reading of hearts. If there is a god and he gets angry with us humans again then I truly believe he has no time for the jw cult.

  • Phizzy

    The last Elder to knock on my door, maybe two years ago ?? said something about the "End" coming, (all I really wanted was to see his "end" disappearing down my driveway), so I replied :

    " I believe I will grow old and die, my little grandchildren will grow up, hopefully go to University, have a good life, and they will grow old and die,...and so on".

    He was stumped for an answer it seems, probably it flashed through his mind that my scenario was far more likely to happen than his !

  • fastJehu

    @ Akid48

    Look here - this was "preached" to me as teenager in the year 1969:

    Make no mistake and get a very good education.

  • sinboi

    Hey AKid,

    I have recently read a post in exjwreddit in which a JW was advised not to get pregnant as the end is near, That was 14 years ago. Fortunately that JW did not heed their advice. Now her son is 14 years old.

    What will you be 10 years from now? Do you want to have a college degree, have a good job and higher pay? Or are you going to knock on houses telling people the end is near when you have already waited for more than 10 years?

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