Ray's Books. And Copyrights!

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  • DwainBowman

    The copyright owner has posted a message on the Internet, and can be found below!

    Ray Franz

  • rebel8

    Now it all makes sense.

    Sick people do these things. Sick people. I hope they get caught and are punished.

  • OrphanCrow
    Raymond Franz was a man of integrity. Every one of us should rightly honor his memory by treating his books with integrity.


    That is exactly what many of us were saying.

    Integrity. Now THAT is what copyright protects. And what a shame that Cynthia passed on without resolution.

  • Sabin
    So are we still able to get a copy of the book COC ?
  • Gayle

    I appreciate Deborah's commitment for Ray's book. The last couple phone calls I had with Cynthia, she told me that Deborah had helped her and how she appreciated her. I encourage all to support her in keeping "Crisis of Conscience" book safe and available to all. I am indebted to Ray's work and he gave me the 'finality' I needed to walk away once and for all from the organization.

    Thank you Deborah.

  • Simon
    So are we still able to get a copy of the book COC?

    It sounds like we soon will be able to:

    "I plan to work very hard to make Crisis of Conscience available to everyone that would like to have a copy."


  • WingCommander

    Makes you wonder who all those a-holes were that were selling pirated copies on Amazon, etc?

  • DwainBowman
    I hope maybe it will be out in ebook form, not pdf!
  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    If the copyright owner of the book is so worried about bootlegging, THEN PRINT SOME COPIES OF THE DAMN BOOK AND SELL THEM ON AMAZON ALREADY!

    I mean, really folks: If any of us had the copyright to the book, you can literally publish anything electronically on Amazon in about 24 hours. How many years has this been out of print now?

  • Simon

    If you bothered to read the post they took the time to put up, you'll have your answer where they explain why it's been out of print.

    Having to deal with people pirating books takes time and attention away from legitimate publishing which would ensure they were made available.

    We've already had a lengthy discussion about the rights and wrongs of copyright infringement. We're not going to re-argue it all again or debate who did wrong or their claimed justifications. There is no legitimate justification for using someone else's work either to make money from or to promote yourself.

    It would be better to now focus on supporting the legitimate owner making the works available ... if the availability is truly what concerns people.

    I'm not interested in people bringing disagreements from elsewhere and expecting to turn this site into the new battleground - I'll continue to remove such comments.

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