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  • minimus

    So you don’t like the expression the left.

  • em1913

    I think you miss my point. I don't think there *is* a "left" in the sense that you're using the word, except in the minds of those who need there to be one to use as a rhetorical strawman. It's just cheap talk-show jargon. Leftist political thought runs a very broad gamut and many left factions take very different approaches to the same issues. My own views are far removed from those of any Clintonite, either of the Bill stripe or the Hillary stripe -- I consider Clintonism to be reactionary -- and yet to the Fox News crowd we're all "the left." As if.

    I don't think there's a unified, monolithic "right" either, in that sense -- the current Trumpie populist right has no more in common with the neocon right than I have in common with a deep-fried cantaloupe. There's the populist right, the neocon right, the paleocon right, the Randite right, the religious right, the corporate/"New Democrat" right, the identiarian right, the fascist right, and on and on, and they have very little in common other than a fanned-up loathing of this supposed sinister monolithic "Left." And that's why most of the American political discourse operates on the intellectual level of a 4chan meme."OMG look what those libtards done now!"

  • minimus

    Left refers to extreme liberals. Neocon extremely right

  • em1913

    "Extreme liberal" to me is like "military intelligence." To me, a "liberal" is a Clintonite, who's all for Wall Street and all for illegal wars, as long as they can live in a neighborhood where there's a nice place to get focaccia. "Liberals" in today's world are incapable of anything at all meaningfully extreme except to the kind of people who feel threatened because they heard somebody speaking Spanish on the bus.

  • ShirleyW

    Hey Min, are you now officially the old man down the block who always says "you kids get off my lawn"! and always opens the door with his bathrobe on and just sits in front of the TV all day curses at the news all day? Just wondering . . . kinda sound like it now

  • minimus

    Yeah Shirley. I’m just like you,darling 😍

  • ShirleyW

    Ha ha Min, I even laughed at that !! If that's what you think so be it, you must be one the crowd here, even when I'm 100 per cent in agreement with something, when I look at the likes an dislikes there's always a few number of dislikes, I've been told by someone here that there are certain cliques (sp?) that stick with each other and PM each other and say "can you believe what so and so said, yada yada yada ) !! So whatever, after all you all used to be JWs and chose that crazy cult, I was born in had no choice until a certain age. unless of course dear Min, you are a born in too !!

  • ShirleyW

    Hey Min, just thought of another response to you when you say we're alike. I should've said "yeah, and when I open the door with my robe on I make sure my huge wanger is hanging out for all to see .

    Then you would PM all your followers an say " wow, I thought she was a female I didn't know she had a huge one"!

    Umm, just for the record, I think I just have to clarify for all the exjws that don't catch on to quick and say yes I am female, no huge wanger whatsoever

  • minimus

    Shirley I love you you know that. And as far as having many follow-up responses amongst friends on this board, it very seldom happens. We are independents here and every once in a while someone agrees with us.

  • MeanMrMustard
    "Capitalist science" is a thing.

    Really? What is it? It is in “scare quotes” so it obviously can’t be good. Is it different from just plain ol’ Capitalism?

    If it's good for Exxon, it's good for the planet, and if it isn't good for Exxon, it's obviously MADE UP FAKE NEWS BY COMMIES. There are entire corporate-funded think tanks that do nothing all day long but pump out talking points to "prove" that this is the case.

    To prove everything needs to be for Exxon?

    As far as the claim that "the left teaches that every white person is inherently prejudiced" goes, well, no.

    Excellent. So there is no such thing as “white privelege”?

    What it does teach is that capitalism uses and has always used the doctrine of "white supremacy," either overtly or coded, to keep the working class divided in America.

    Nonsense. Capitalism makes no judgment along racial lines. You must be talking about something else.

    The use of racism is structural, and is not dependent on the beliefs or actions of any particular individual.

    I don’t buy it. Show how the very structure of capitalism - that is, free market voluntarism - is structurally racist. When we talk about price theory, or profits and loses, supply and demand, or even how Keynes was a moron - how exactly is that structurally racist?

    "Whiteness" in this sense has less to do with skin color than with a figurative carrot of privilege dangled before a certain segment of the working class to ensure that it does not cooperate and find common cause with other segments of that class.

    And you wonder why people might assume you are a commie? You’re floating right around Marx here. You might as well have said that the history of the world is that of class struggles....

    "We're like you and you're like us, we're really on the same side against Them, " say the capitalist class to these workers, even as that class continues to exploit them as severely as it exploits the "not white" segments of that class.

    How does an entrepreneur exploit the worker he/she hires? Seems like a mutually beneficial arrangement to me.

    But the "white workers," like faithful dogs groveling for table scraps from their masters, just wag their tails and bark on cue.

    White workers, and any other group of workers are being exploited ... but on the sly?

    This strategy has been very successful over the past two hundred years, whether pitting white against black or "white" against other ethnic groups -- Jews, Italians, Irish, Chinese, etc. -- who have been put in the position of "not white" by the social structures of a given period.

    You skipped the part where the globalists want everyone to believe the world is a spinning ball, but it’s really flat! Flat !!! *sigh*

    We see it today in the way the immigration issue is presented -- the foreign "others" posing a threat to the way of life represented by Real 100 Percent Americans.


    That was the basic thesis offered by the KKK in the 1920s, by the Coughlinites, the Liberty Leaguers and the America Firsters in the 1930s and 1940s, the Christian Crusade against Communism (changing the initials doesn't change the pronunciation) and the Birchers in the 1950s and 60s, the Nixon Southern Strategy and the Willis Carto/Liberty Lobby crowd in the 1970s, the Reaganite Neocons in the 1980s, the Buchananites of the 1990s, and so on down to Brother Trump and his friends today. The honking and quacking from the right today is nothing but old wine in new bottles.

    Yep, here we go. Looks like you get on board with the “left” or else you are just like the KKK. Of course! It’s so obvious. It couldn’t be about economics at all. Or culture. Or fundamental rights...

    Sociology is cool. Read some.


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