“Monkey this up”...

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    Monkeyed up:

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    When is every single word in all languages going to become racist? At this rate, not long. For starters, every color could become a "racist word". What about a certain legume that is a popular vegetable, yet a certain country has immigrants (legal or otherwise) that take offense about its use? At this rate, we are all going to have to abandon the whole English language (and all the others, for that matter) and start speaking Hebrew?

    All because of that stinking damnation book that prophesies about a change to a "pure language". Pure rubbish, that is--all this political correctness is designed to do is prevent anyone from rising up against tyranny and enslavement by the lowest elements of society (parasites), and destroy most expressions. And force us to stop using White, Black, and Asian languages (that is, those European languages, African languages, and Asian/oriental languages) in favor of that abomination of a language called Hebrew (which is what that LIE-ble prophesied the switch to). And Sanskrit? Don't even think of that--that whole language, originally spoken by the whole world, offends those who want to enslave the whole world.

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    More monkeyed up:

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    Does it infer that Trump is German (?)

    Trump ist nicht subtil genug, um deutsch zu sein

  • minimus

    And guess what? They suggesting it’s all Trump’s fault!

  • freddo
    It is so called because during the time of the British Raj, soldiers in India used rupees and a 500 rupee note had a picture of a monkey on it. When they came to England they would use the term "a monkey" for 500 pounds sterling too.
    Interesting! So does that mean there was a small horse on the back of the twenty pound note, then? :))

    Not quite Diogenesister - you're thinking of a "pony" which is £25 - not £20.

    Apparently this was based again on Indian notes during the British Raj and was apparently for a 25 rupee note.
  • em1913

    I've never heard the phrase in the thread title until now. To think I've lived more than half a century without access to the rich colorful language of whiny old men. Where I come from we say "ball this up." Apologies if any of you old monorchoids find that offensive.

  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic
    The left claims that every white person is inherently prejudiced.

    I'm the left - and I don't claim this. Nor does anyone I know.

    But if we're just going to make stuff up then "the right hates all black people and wants to build a death star."

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    So....come to New York. Order a coffee regular from the black barista and tell him not to "monkey it up." Let me know how that works out for you.

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