“Monkey this up”...

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  • minimus

    This song and video is very troubling. It should be banned and Peter Gabriel should apologize!

  • Simon

    The people claiming it's racist are the ones associating black people with monkeys.

    Normal people can refer to monkeys and know they mean monkeys.

    Is everyone else getting tired of the left's incessant desire to be outraged over absolutely everything? Just saying "hello" or smiling will soon be classed as some form of attack ... we need to all wear sack-cloth and walk around in misery.

  • minimus

    The left claims that every white person is inherently prejudiced. That’s the problem! Then you get wackos who say they need to apologize for being white!

    These people are so out of control.

  • DesirousOfChange

    NEVER have heard that expression!

    (Is spanking the monkey still OK?)

  • minimus

    If Obama uses “monkey” in a sentence, it’s all just fine! If a Republican says it in a sentence, it’s PROOF that he’s a racist.

  • minimus

    Doc, spanking the monkey is racist.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Doc, spanking the monkey is racist.

    Try to convince a young teenage guy of that!

  • sparrowdown

    Maybe all this appropriating of monkey culture should just stop!

    The monkeys don't like it when anything that describes their predilection for mischief is referred to as "monkey" this and "monkey" that.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    If a Republican says it in a sentence, it’s PROOF that he’s a racist - almost, yeah.

    Here's the problem with this whole issue ...

    When a common or garden crime has been committed, the accused is innocent until proven guilty - his guilt must be proved in a court of law.

    This is Western justice in a nutshell.

    With 'hate crimes' such as racism, the accused has to prove he's not guilty.

    People's feelings are allowed to matter here. If someone tells a joke but doesn't mean to be racist, that counts for nothing. Someone who overhears the joke, is offended, and feels the joke was racist can be enough to get someone sacked from their job.

    This ridiculous pandering to members of ethnic minorities plus the trendy white tossers who take offence on others' behalf should stop.

    People should be able to freely use words and phrases such as monkey around, go ape, & niggardly and if listeners get offended the onus should be on them to demonstrate racism.

  • freddo

    In England a monkey is £500.

    I mean that that is a description for £500, not that it costs £500 to buy a monkey.

    It is so called because during the time of the British Raj, soldiers in India used rupees and a 500 rupee note had a picture of a monkey on it. When they came to England they would use the term "a monkey" for 500 pounds sterling too.

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