Crisis of Conscience- World Wide Cease & Desist

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  • David Graham
    David Graham

    Cappytan. Isn't "black and white thinking" why people are so upset with "he who shall not be named" to begin with? Huh?

    how the hell does this make sense. Why would it in any way be black and white thinking? Is this not in fact a person making their own mind up about a person when they have seen and experienced the abuse this person has used?

    Black and white thinking is believing blindly in one persons one sided argument. How many who have commented in favour of cedars have done this purely on his argument, without evidence of his argument? I would suspect the majority. Your comment is actually what I would view as black and white!

    A little experiment for you to do here. Observe those who have had mostly green likes as they follow the sheep in favour of cedars. Then observe those who have red dislikes such as myself. Then ponder on this. The ones who have a red dislike, why do they have them? Is it simply because they dislike cedars or is it because they have a capacity of independent thinking and do not care if they go along with the sheep.

    People led such as yourself are just after popularity and are willing to go along with the sheep, where I do not and no matter how many red dislikes I get I still will follow my instincts. I do not fall into line as you clearly do!

  • jookbeard
    David, I think you need to chill out a bit pal, plus your rants are off topic
  • talesin

    ^^^ Pot, meet kettle.

  • blondie
    David, starting a new topic might be more productive and show consideration for the OP
  • Lostandfound

    I am withTheListener, no idea who any of these people are, who "he who must not be named" is, nor do I care. Got my books from commentary press and donot agree with any copyright infringement, what I have observed recently and much the same in the early days here, some would get very heated, lots of behaviour worthy of kinder garden , and lots and lots of helpful stuff. In early days Simon had a hard time keeping order and I for one thank him for his efforts to maintain a level of decency. No time or interest for myself in other sites, forums, looked at some years ago and they seemed to be constantly bickering. I really hope this forum continues as a source of info, encouragement and enjoyable opinion. I wish all the others well but want no part of them as they seem to offer me nothing of value. Flame wars not as good as Star Wars!

  • Simon
    Mike and Kim are self-righteous hypocrites who had the same copyright violation on their website while they were railing against someone else for violating it.

    This is untrue. They made it available because someone else was trying to sell copies but when they realized that someone owned the copyright corrected their mistake and removed it.

    They weren't doing both at the same time AFAIK.

  • jookbeard
    maybe, but their are still hypocrites, show double standards and have an agenda driven obsession with another activist
  • Simon
    maybe, but their are still hypocrites, show double standards and have an agenda driven obsession with another activist

    So I just pointed out why the claim of hypocrisy in this case is false yet you still persist with it. They haven't brought any personal issues to this forum that I am aware of but you definitely do seem to have an agenda driven obsession with them though! Despite numerous personal comments directed at them they have not responded to them which I am grateful for.

    Your logic simplified so you can follow it:

    "X is a hypocrite because of Y"

    "No, your Y claim is false, [evidence]"

    "well X is still a hypocrite [no evidence]"

    Is that how it works? Or is it really:

    "I like Z but X doesn't and points out something they have done wrong therefore I will continually attack X and anyone else who points out any false claim I make about them"

    You are determined to attack these people because you don't have a case for attacking the message itself and you're unhappy that "someone's" antics has been shown up or you just don't like their religion. It's very clear who did wrong and who didn't. But hey, don't let the inconvenience of facts get in the way of your obsession! Now maybe you can drop this ridiculous crap?

  • OrphanCrow

    So...I am real curious about something.

    Deborah mentions that there was someone(s) who had committed a copyright infringement while Cynthia was still alive - the one who was selling through Amazon. This is the person(s) I am interested in.

    Who is the person who fucked this all up to begin with by undercutting Cynthia's income with bootlegged copies? the one who had to be tracked down and served with a "cease and desist"?

    Most people seemd to be focused on recent events and certain already named people...but who is that first person(s) who infringed on the copyright?

    Or is that secret? Or does everybody else know and I am just out of the loop?

  • Ich3b
    Ich3b before making insidious insinuations could you please research "stalking"


    Stalking is unwanted or obsessive attention by an individual or group toward another person. Stalking behaviors are related to harassment and intimidation and may include following the victim in person or monitoring them.

    Although I have just signed up I have been watching your comments very closely.

    Sounds like a stalker to me.

    And how would anyone but a stalker know this?"

    You assume that Marc and Cora are somehow "brainwashed" by Mike and Kim, yet you yourself have not even bothered to seek the facts on the matter.

    Which raise another question, How would anyone but Marc and or Cora know this? So, who are you? Marc or Cora?

    Edited to add that I had never heard of jookbeard before this thread. Just thought your comments were really creepy.

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