Crisis of Conscience- World Wide Cease & Desist

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  • nicolaou
    StarTrekAngel: Wow... they seem more interested on protecting someone else;s copy rights, than the countless lives this book can save.

    It isn't one thing or the other, it really isn't.

  • blondie
    jwdaughter, she is not in the borg any more and has not been for years.
  • cappytan
    You really need to check to see if your still under the spell of black and white thinking unfortunately!

    Isn't "black and white thinking" why people are so upset with "he who shall not be named" to begin with?

  • jookbeard
    David I dont follow anyone , I came off the UKexjw group on FB because of the petty stupidity, I'll tune into Cedars jwsurvey about once every couple of months, I have no idea what the latest news is on his blog, nor am I particularity interested, I'm particularly concerned and urge others to be also when getting involved with exjw groups that profess to be evangelical Christians, they still show the same amount of hatred, are just as judgemental when they were as jw's and I'm astounded by the agenda driven obsession and blatant hypocrisy that Mike and Kim exibit and warn others of it, if I'm permitted to do so? You know nothing about me David I've been out of the WTS for over 20 years and encountered similar treatment when I was closely involved with Reachout Trust, I and others were branded as bad associates almost ostracised and excluded from any of their activities because we dared to disagree and question their brand and style of outreach work, Doug Harris even condemned a good friend of mine to hell fire because he dared to disagree with him this was over 20 years ago, I'm concerned and wonder why Marc Latham has started to get on this Mike and Kim bandwagon as well, I'm probably getting too old for all this bickering and will likely walk away from it soon, social media/blogs and forums, I have done before.
  • OrphanCrow
    StarTrekAngel: Wow... they seem more interested on protecting someone else;s copy rights, than the countless lives this book can save.

    That is a red herring.

    Thousands (myself included) exited the Borg long before this book was ever published. And long before the WWW made it easy to copy and pirate material.

    There are many, many resources available that "save lives". To put this book in the category of "must have or die" is being unrealistic and it is only an excuse.

    Please, do not insult the intelligence and hard work of those who lives were "saved" by other authors and resources.

    And yes...the protection of the copyright is critical. The copyright isn't just there to protect profit - it exists to protect the integrity of the work in question. Not just the integrity of the author - but also to protect those words from being altered or omitted or added to.

    A copyright ensures genuineness. It is not just about monetary value - it is about the integral value of originality.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door
    I'm probably getting too old for all this bickering

    Issues like this propel the Ex ExJW journey. I don't think that's a bad thing. I'm hoping to catch the train soon.

  • David Graham
    David Graham

    Jookbeard. Have you asked Marc and Cora personally why they have took this stance? Do you really honestly think it has anything to do with Mike and Kim why they took this stance?

    you say you had affiliations with a reachout trust. Did this trust just assume there is a one sided argument to everything or as a responsible organisation, did they first seek the facts? You assume that Marc and Cora are somehow "brainwashed" by Mike and Kim, yet you yourself have not even bothered to seek the facts on the matter.

    Have you heard of the abuse Mark and Cora received from this idiot who is regarded as a saint amongst exjws? Before levelling the responsibility on a third party, be sure to have all the facts. Personally I watch many a YouTube video and find MyPlasticMicrophone to be interesting. However I do not let this cloud my judgement on other youtubers, as a varied viewpoint is always the better viewpoint. Cedars does not think like this though. He wants to be top dog, thus only one source to go to. Why do you think he throws everyone else under the bus!

    Anyone with little bit of common sense and critical thinking would see what he is up to from a mile off.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    The law is the law. If the letter is legitimate, then the writer is acting within his or her rights.

    If the letter is not legitimate, then any who may have an interest and conviction to pursue it have rights to contest it.

  • Virran
    I haven't followed all of the drama of what's happened, it seems like someone is trying to make a bird out of a feather. But I do really like Mike and Kim and I like their YouTube channel. I don't get the hate they're getting. I hope they know they still have people that are in their corner. I also like Cedars, he's very informative and he seems like a sweetheart. They should all just kiss and make up and remember they do fight for the same cause after all. :)
  • cofty
    Issues like this propel the Ex ExJW journey. I don't think that's a bad thing. I'm hoping to catch the train soon

    This ^^^

    Hey Jookbeard I did some stuff for Reachout Trust as well. Not a happy experience. I ended up falling out with them and asking them to take away all the crap books they sent to my house expecting me to sell.

    I still have an article on RT website.

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