Crisis of Conscience- World Wide Cease & Desist

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  • jookbeard
    very interesting paper SBF, I'll read it later, Stephen Hunt is the author of that paper , I dont know him
  • EdenOne

    Interesting reading, thank you for the link. Sheds light on a number of things I have wondered about.


  • Oubliette

    Cults against cults. What a surprise.

    This is why I now recognize no authority superior to myself.

    It really simplifies things because I automatically know that anyone that disagrees is delusional in one way or another.

  • Simon

    Amazing how many people want to criticize those who want to "preach" their beliefs. Hey, as long as people do it via youtube then what does it have to do with you? If you don't like it, don't watch it! duh.

    There have been many preachy types over the years who've tried to sell their wares on this forum but AFAIK M&K haven't done this so while I may not agree with them religiously I don't see why anyone has such personal complaints against them. Criticizing actions and opinions are one thing but as I've said before we're not going to be a venting place to post personal insults against others just because you don't like their religious beliefs or you want to try and "attack the messenger" to undermine criticism they make of someone else's actions.

    I don't like religion and certainly not evangelical Christianity but people are entitled to their own beliefs especially if they keep it in their own box.

    BTW: CESNUR is not a reputable organization to quote from or trust. They allow any nut to publish whatever they want. Even I get a mention! ... apparently I'm "on the defensive" for, oh noes, "misrepresenting website statistics" WTF? LOL (ha, they have gone up since then).

  • TheListener

    Funny, I never knew any of this stuff. I have no idea who the people are that are being discussed. I just read the thread because it had lots of pages, and that meant it probably had some excitement going on.

    Ok. back to being a wallflower.

  • wizzstick

    BTW: CESNUR is not a reputable organization to quote from or trust.

    Started by the Catholics:

    While established in 1988 by scholars who were mostly Roman Catholic, CESNUR has had from its very beginning boards of directors including scholars of a variety of religious persuasions.

    'nuff said.

    Abiut CESNUR

  • jookbeard
    SBF RoT's HQ was originally in Morden Garth Road, they moved to Richmond I believe to be closer to Dougs home in Twickenham
  • talesin
  • jookbeard
    SBF and Cofty, other issues I had with RoT was Dougs obsession with the New Age, it seemed to get to the stage where he viewed the New Age as a bigger threat to Christianity than the high control Christian groups he campaigned against, another was their promotion of EXIT counselling and deprogramming techniques which he promoted and are very dangerous areas indeed, thankfully these techniques seem to have been dropped by counter cult groups in recent years and rightly so.
  • David Graham
    David Graham

    Ich3b before making insidious insinuations could you please research "stalking"

    So by actually using common knowledge and by replying TWICE, this would be your definition of stalking. You must be a scared little rabbit if this is something you would regard as stalking.

    have you actually been stalked? Do you know how it feels to be terrorised by a stalker? Before using such accusations please remember some of us have actually had the unfortunate experience of being stalked, and let me tell you, it is a terrifying experience!

    did I threaten your jookbeards life in any way? Your just another person who chucks labels around like they are confetti. You have absolutely no clue and no brain to qualify such a sinister narrow minded comment. So I would kindly ask you to shut the hell up!

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