Is this life all there is?

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  • Fisherman

    I have listened to testimony from people about things and personal experiences but that was never enough to convince me. I always figured it was emotion, indoctrination or fooling oneself into into believing, or lies. --But I could not believe it.

    Empirical evidence convinces me that something is real. With everything else, I just don't know. --I would have to take the measurement myself. I would have to hear the talking horse myself.

    Has anyone at least sincerely tried to ask the horse directly to talk? Just curious.

  • knowsnothing1


    Interesting that you don't disclose what these "things" are.

    I did, I will be happy to talk about my experiences, but you can read about some of mines and those of others here.

  • Xanthippe
    I would have to take the measurement myself.

    So do it. Read a book, read many books. Visit a spiritualist church. Visit a medium. There is no God to disapprove of you and there are no demons to attack you. Do the research. Draw your own conclusions. Stop asking other people.

  • jwundubbed

    I will let you in, just a little bit, into my bizarro world. I have the strangest beliefs.

    There is this theory in science .... well two actually. One says that we create our own realities and the other says that there are an infinite number of alternate realities... and there are theories as to what causes the alternate realities.

    I believe that death is another reality, different from this one. That is my definite belief. But I also have this odder belief that a person could potentially get to anther alternate reality through death... that in the same way that some people can accomplish lucid dreaming a person could go live an alternate life in an alternate reality and their body here would die. I won't explain why I have these beliefs. They are what they are, and I believe them.

    I also think that it is entirely possible that when one dies they go to the alternate reality that they believe in. So... people who believe in reincarnation would start a new life in a different reality. People who believe that heaven is a place where angels sit on clouds and play harps would find themselves in that reality. Pearly gates or hell... yet another reality. No belief in an afterlife... then no alternate reality.

    So, yeah, I have hope.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Beliefs without facts are meaningless. The facts are that this wonderful experience of life has been shared by about 105 billion people before us; our grandparents and ancestors. If this experience has another dimension why has no one supplied concrete evidence for it? Not one person has returned from the dead. Enough people have lived and died, you would have thought one of them might show some proof?

    It's making this life, the only one we know, a good one -- savour what you have.

  • notsurewheretogo


    How can you tell whatever experience you had was in fact "real"? Might it be "real" in your mind only?

    In the history of human history there has been zero evidence of spirits and the spirit world...there was even a million bucks on offer to prove it and no-one collected it.

    I know people who have had spirit experience yet it is not may have been a dream, it may have been mental illness etc but it was not real at all.

    There is no spirit work or spirits because there has been zero proof to say there is in human history.

    You can't use your experiences as they may have been real to you when in fact they are not real.

  • waton

    An "experience" might not be connected to another life at all. But if anybodt had one, as I did, it is sufficient in itself.

    Is the present knowledge all there is to life? of course not. imagine all that had to happen to bring us to the "now", and what potentially will happen in the future to come! with or without us personally being there.I definitely do not recall having been present in the past.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    If atheists are wrong and theists are right, they'll both acknowledge the reality.

    If atheists are right and theists are wrong, neither will acknowledge the reality.

    Both have a faith of a different eventuality.

  • stuckinarut2

    Well, aren't the crazies out tonight?.....

  • cofty
    Both have a faith of a different eventuality - The Fall Guy

    An atheist is simply somebody who is unconvinced by the claims of theists. Faith is belief in things for which there is no evidence. It is not a way to discover truth. I have no faith.

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