My family has been divided by the high-control tactics of the Jehovah's Witness organization. I come from a family of 5 children, and we used to enjoy close ties and fun family events together. We are now broken apart, as part of my family has decided to turn their backs on us, in favor of serving the Watchtower Bible and Tract Publishing Company. I WAS NEVER A JW, but my husband and I were Bible Students for a number of years. When we did some of our own research about the organization, we decided that they were a false religion and ended our study. Our decision NOT to join the group, has been interpreted into the decision to "turn our backs on Jehovah." (We are now apostates, because we know too much). -- My parents, my sister, her husband and her 2 children, have since been baptized into the Org. -- My sister will no longer associate with me or my children, and believes she has to "protect" her children from our "apostasy" and "idolatry." -- My father has declared that his #1 purpose in life now, is to "Be a good Jehovah's Witness." -- My mother is obviously confused, but has still gone ahead with her baptism. She speaks of them in the 3rd person, "The Witnesses believe..." I was never a Jehovah's Witness, yet the lives of my children have been severely impacted by this strange organization. The way they have taken control of the minds of my family members, is frustrating and sad. One day, I hope their eyes are opened, and we can be re-united... preferably BEFORE I am destroyed at Armageddon, and my children's flesh is being eaten by the birds!