Mexico branch......Now closing!!!

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  • notsurewheretogo

    We need proper confirmation via published letters about the closure of the Mexican branch but more importantly the change in Circuit Overseers to support themselves as that seems very unlikely.

  • wannaexit

    I'll take as a rumor for now. But anything is possible.

  • babygirl30

    How can a C.O. travel as much as they do, be expected in FT service, and support themselves + a wife? What are they gonna do...sell AVON in the Kingdom Hall? 😂😂😂

    I call BS...

  • nowwhat?

    I've always maintained that once the GB settled into their man made paradise the shit is going to hit the fan. The rank and file will be on their own.

  • Skepsis

    Wow! If that's true, there would be huge consequences!

    I know a lot of brothers in Mexico and Latin America in general, and that area is the only one where the JWs are really growing.

    That's true, donations in those countries must be low but it's not better in Europe. Having so many aging congregations implies that in the near future donations in Western Europe will drop. Don't know how they are financing their operations.

    I could see an internet-based religion with fewer KHs, but if you know a bit Latin America, you can see how important is there the social aspects of religion. Maybe in the US and Europe, it could fit well the necessities of the remaining JWs loyal to the Org, but in Latin America it would be suicidal for the religion.

  • Vidiot
    krismalone - "Mexico branch... now closing..."


    I'd have thought it already had by now.

    Better late than never, though, I suppose.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    It seems plausible to me. Thanks for sharing the information.

    It would be very easy to direct Mexico/Central America from NY. As for the CO rumor, that has been circulating for some time in various forms and I would be shocked if they didn't get those guys off the payroll in the next few years. What I was surprised about was the elimination of the DO position. You could have local elders serve as the COs (either by committee or individually) but you will still need some sort of branch oversight. I could seem them changing the CO position to provide that oversight and speak at assemblies. Or you could also make it a volunteer position like an elder and make them support themselves.

    None of the items seem all that unbelievable to me.

  • Life is to short 2
    Life is to short 2

    As far as how would CO's support themselves, when we served where the need was great, my elder husband was always gone doing elder stuff for the hall he made just 200 a month and still the CO at the time would rebuck him and me every time he came through to do more for the hall just relie on Jehovah. Just have more faith.

    I could see them making the CO's work without to much strech of the imagination.


  • sir82

    Another news flash was that the Governing Body will soon require all young Circuit Overseers to work for themselves and support themselves financially.

    There was a similar rumor maybe 8-10 years ago.

    It makes a lot of sense (for the WTS anyway) but it never came to pass. Maybe they will finally implement it now.

  • Fernando

    Time to ramp up the court cases against this narcissistic pedophile paradise and make them pay until they vapourise...

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