Mexico branch......Now closing!!!

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  • Simon

    I struggle to imagine what 3,000 people would actually do all day - it doesn't seem difficult to believe that in this day and age they could downsize to 1,000 instead. Especially when they have done such downsizing and consolidations elsewhere.

    Really, why do they need so many regional HQ's and staff, it's not like they manufacture anything.

    Half a dozen for local translations and another half dozen for admin functions. What do the rest do besides need feeding?

  • Crazyguy

    This would be great if true and it maybe. The Borg doesn't really need a branch anymore and directing this from New York better keeps the Narcissistic freaks in control. And the part about the CO's being more independent maybe the part that makes this post more believable. They are trying to make things more independent (not the real estate) so as to limit thier liability.

    I think thier trying to go more towards a McDonald's format with independent franchise owners that can manage thier store more independently but still serve up the same food. Thier already getting more vague on what thier printing about thier control and thier power (were not inspired or infalable) . So I'm thinking they'll be a religion that through thier writings will guide the flock but try to be vague on control issues, and try to separate themselves from congregational matters so as to limit thier liability. They may even drop the elders the flock book and calling the branch for directions on what the elders need to do , telling elder instead that thier on thier own and apply Bible principles. But of course to be part of the parent organization you'll still need to pay your local fees, i.e. They still get the money.

  • sparrowdown

    I hope this eventuates and hopefully is a sign of things to come - global shrinkage!

    To be honest the shedding of branches and KHs makes perfect business sense to me and my limited knowledge of what has worked for WT and what sems no longer to be working.

    The WT is not sentimental about anything or anyone that fails to perform a useful function and fits in with their business plan.

  • respectful_observer

    Interesting. If this turns out to be true, I wonder if the circuit overseers will stop rotating to new geographies every few years...thinking of the old "city overseer" role. If that were the case, being a CO would be similar to the role a bishop fills in Catholic Archdiocese. Basically the head elder of 10-20 congregations.

  • iwasblind


  • Life is to short 2
    Life is to short 2

    I can see it somewhat happen. Like Simon said they don't need 3000 anymore, and making the CO's independent isn't that really the way they are headed now. The CO's are the one's who appoint elder's and MS's now without going through the branch.

    It used to be if you called the US branch you would at least get the initial's of some made up name, last spring when I called they would not even give you that. They are getting more paranoid and creepy on the phone.

    Also I can see them making CO's support themselves, doesn't everyone who serve's where the need is great do that all ready. We did. And any place they send you where they deem the need to be great, it is usually hard to find work. Do they care or help you. No they just tell you to relie on Jehovah and just make sure you get your time in. We got no help from anyone, yet for eveyone who burns out they always seem to have two dying to replace them, by telling them to keep their blinders on and Jehovah will bless them.

    Time will tell.


  • smiddy

    I`ll believe that OP when more solid confirmation surfaces .

  • joe134cd

    I just wonder with the COs been more independent, if they will be notified that they and they alone will be responsible if anything goes wrong in the congs. Wt will be the first to throw them under the bus. If this is what Wt is planning, there will only have to be a couple of incidents for word to get around and then there will be no one.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Mexico branch now closing....I can see the possibilities of that happening. I hear in the U.S many a Spanish Congregation are dissolving due to low attendance and less and less newly interested ones. Looks and sounds like even the Mexican community is wising-up to the WTBTS' horse chit!

  • Crazyguy

    Another thing to think about is if this is true then it goes along with what they did in Africa. They stoped paying special pioneers world wide and then closed a branch in a part of Africa that was said to still be growing by leaps and bounds. So like Africa maybe the reason for closing Mexico is money or should I say lack of it. The leaders know they aren't making much money in Latin America or Africa so why continue any spending of money. Also forgot to mention India as well. They can close down all these areas of the world and still make money off of North America and Western Europe. The jws in those countries will be none the wiser so it works for the Borg.

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