Legal concerns about: "picnics"

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  • joe134cd

    This has been a theory put forward about why the book study may have been stopped due to legal liability - so much for not forsaking the gathering of ourselves together. LOL. I guess it’s a lot harder to sexually assault someone in a public area like a KH, (e.g lots of people coming and going from bathrooms and fewer private area) than what it would be in a private house. Wt could of found itself in some very hot water if the owner of the home where the book study and sexual assault happened, was also the elder authorised by Wt to be in charge of the event. Do I blame them? No I don’t and I probably would of done the same thing - although this flys in direct contrast to their beliefs about the importance of meetings. To be honest when I was PIMI I enjoyed the book study as it gave you a chance to know the others on a personal level. I think getting ride of the book study was certainly not a good move for team building and moral.

  • Tobyjones262

    When I was young in the 70s it seemed that there was a Congregational picnic a few times a year. Some times it was even hosted by non JWs or even weak JWs who only would come to memorial. No one thought a thing about it. We all got together and brought a dish to pass and played baseball swam and had a bonfire. I noticed over the years the society got more and more anal about it. They never came out and said you can't but they did the whole negative thing when it was mentioned. It put a damper on the get together's. Then about the middle of the 70s a more harsh take on DFed people made it more restrictive. Now I don't hear about these types of things anymore. They may happen but not like years ago. I heard before I left the cult that it was not good to have football or baseball competitions.

  • Dagney

    Funny not funny...the corporation. Is more worried about getting sued over salmonella than the repercussions from hiding a pedophile.

    i agree, the whole world is in fear of litigious society. The annual end of year party is now a catered midday lunch for my company. Times have changed.

    Still, there are religious groups and communities that do understand how beneficial informal gatherings are for people. But the WBTS is not interested in the well being of their faithful, after all they have the privilege of the RC once a year!

  • stuckinarut2

    It just shows how they are missing the very point of showing LOVE to one another as a brotherhood!

    SURELY if it was "god's organization", then congregation picnics can do nothing but good!

    The overbearing and burdensome micro-managing is so very Pharasaical!

    "They make the word of God invalid by their tradtitons (and rules)"

  • OnTheWayOut

    Don't y'all remember the words of Jesus from somewhere in the JW Bible?

    "Wherever two or more are gathered in my name.......

    ......I will deny any responsibility for all of it."

  • Darth FayDehr
    Darth FayDehr

    From the book "Jesus - The Way, the Truth..."

    CHAPTER 35

    The Famous Sermon on the Mount

    On a mountainside in Galilee, perhaps not far from his center of activity in Capernaum, Jesus finds a level place on the mountainside and the crowd gathers around. His disciples, especially the 12 apostles, are probably nearest to him. He begins with this declaration:

    "This is NOT a congregation gathering - Jesus Inc. are NOT liable. Please see our T&Cs at jw. Borg. Your statutory rights are affected."

    ...and the crowds began to marvel at his legal wisdom.

  • joe134cd

    I look at these other religious groups, I have been to. They can range from very nice lunches (that the members bring) to a cup of tea. Cost effective, cheap and simple. The point is it creates an environment where it’s members can mix and mingle. It builds team cohesion and support for one another. Wt could learn so much from this and I’m sure some of those old dears would relish in been able to have a cup of tea and a biscuit after the meeting with their friends. To be honest there were many times after the meeting when all I wanted to do was leave. In stead of opening up and encouraging this they seem to be cracking down on it. Any wonder they are preaching to half empty KH, and been forced to sell them.

  • ToesUp

    "The point is it creates an environment where it’s members can mix and mingle."

    Yes, normal people would find that great. WT is not normal. How many churches/organizations make videos about masturbating with your pillow? WT is obsessed with sex and bad mouth everything non JW. Even higher education. Who does this? WT thinks anytime people get together they want to have sex with one another and drink heavily. They have made everything outside of WT walls evil and now we wonder why the young don't want this cult anymore.

    They mention the scripture about "not even mentioning these things" but yet they mention them more than anyone else. lol

  • eyeuse2badub

    Have they told the rank and file how many sheet to toilet paper they should use to wipe their butt yet? If not there will probably be an Awake article sooooooooon thos explain how many sheets to use and which direction to wipe!

    just saying!

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    Most churches will carry an insurance policy to cover any liability, for food poisoning at a picnic, for instance. But the WT is self-insured, so this may be another reason they really clamp down on any risk. They have been putting up a lot of handrails at the KHs I have seen in the last few years, some in places I wouldn't have thought were really necessary.

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