Legal concerns about: "picnics"

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  • snugglebunny

    The Leigh Park congregation v Havant congregation annual football match died a death. Leigh Park had the Sunday afternoon meeings; Havant the evening meeting. The Leigh Parkers always intended to go on to the Havant meeting instead and so free up the Sunday afternoon, but never actually got there.

  • john.prestor

    Who thinks about this kind of thing, like why would your mind even go there? I get it if it's congregation bungee jumping or congregation skydiving but just a routine social gathering in a park or something, what's going to happen there? You guys are right, it comes down to money and liability, something they think about more and more these days...

  • Incognigo Montoya
    Incognigo Montoya

    If they're so concerned about congregation picnics, what about field service car groups getting into an accident? Or, more to the point, a Jehdophile sitting in a car, alone with someones child, while the others make a return visit? Or a Jehdophile going from door to door?

    Perhaps we'll see them do away with d2d activity all together, as it opens the organization up to liabilities, as it's a sanctioned event... 😆right.

    To the point, they are setting this policy to cover their asses, as to avoid liability in lawsuits, primarily child abuse suits, where the perpetrator has a good opportunity to nefarious activity. Everyone is having a good time, everyone's guard is down. It's an open, unfamiliar, somewhat chaotic environment, where a person can sneak off for a few minutes, without being missed. Calling it a congregation picnic makes it sound sanctioned.

    Unless they make some serious, publicly announced changes, as to reporting any allegations of pedo activity to be investigated by proper authorities, they will continue to be attractive to pedo's looking to exploit their rules and become jws, using their insulary structure to sheild them, and give them opportunities to prey on children. The organisation can create all the policies they wish, in an effort to protect themselves from lawsuits. But until they acknowledge and take appropriate action, it is all gamesmanship on their part. They will continue to see themselves as defendants in civil suits, and in the witness stand (how ironic), being questioned by lawmakers and government officials.

  • slimboyfat

    I like part in the elders book that says: just because you paid for the local KH, and are responsible for its upkeep, don’t get the idea that you somehow “own” the local KH!

  • blondie

    The last one I attended could not be advertised as a "congregation" picnic (written invitations had to be mailed to the invitees or called by the organizer, anyone coming had to have an invite (and they could not be distributed at the KH) and someone in the congregation had to take personal responsibility legally and be responsible for any "spiritual" problems that cropped up (things that could require investigation of a DF issue or stumbling). One of the elders and his wife, sponsored it. Invitees could not bring someone unless cleared first through that elder.

  • Spiral

    All they think about is themselves, and what could potentially happen that could hurt them legally. Especially since they've let the CSA cases get way out of hand.

    Whoever heard of a church-like organization who wouldn't even organize the smallest activity for their members? Most churches have all sorts of activities, that is part of the reason people like to belong.

    But the JWs can't even have a little event without getting all in a twist about what could happen and who is responsible - not just legally but even according to their own arcane and ridiculous rules.

    And don't even get me started about how ridiculous it is to try to plan a JW wedding. I observed the planning of one (from the way outside fringe, of course) recently, and by the time all the rules and requirements were met the event wasn't even worth having.

    It is interesting to me that an organization that is so invested in throwing blame around at the slightest pretext can't even provide a "service" (like a church picnic, for heaven's sake) that should be an integral part of their mission statement.

    When I was growing up (60s and 70s) we had congregation picnics all the time. Now, it's like "don't even think about it".

  • ToesUp

    And WT wonders why the young ones don't want to stick around and be a JW. Zero fun!!!

  • Spiral

    @ToesUp ~ absolutely! It's beyond boring and you are always running the risk of being accused of something!

  • DesirousOfChange

    You "foreigners" need to understand that the lawyers run this country (US). It's not just WTS, but every business worried about liability. Insurance companies sell liability insurance for "company picnics" just in case something happens from serving booze or is injured playing games. We are a litigious society. WTS is "wise" to be taking precautions to see that every dumbass JW is not putting the HQ at risk with "Congregation" Events.

  • ctrwtf

    If everyone is manifesting the fruitages of the spirit, what could go wrong?

    Or are they just the same as every other group of people?

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