March 2018 Broadcast - When quotes become rumors

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  • truth_b_known

    I would say the "Faithful Slave" has gone on the defense and with a sense of desperation. To call a quote a "rumor" is nonsensical. A rumor is based on an uncertain or doubtful truth, or an unverified account. When a person testifies under oath there's no rumor about it.

    Taking a quote out of context is a form of spin. That's not the claim. Furthermore, the entire court transcript is available to get the complete context. When compared - nothing was taken out of context!

    These guys are up against the ropes and taking body blows.

  • MrHappy

    “DO NOT put your trust in nobles, nor in the son of earthling man, to whom no salvation belongs. . . ."

    "Before destruction is pride, And before stumbling -- a haughty spirit.'

  • sir82

    I loved how in the beginning of his ramblings he criticized those who say "what? don't you trust me?", without providing detailed explanations.....

    ....and then proceeds to, in a long-winded and winding way, say "What? don't you trust the FDS?" without providing detailed explanations.

    Sort of like how, a couple of years ago, Lett, said "we will never beg or petition for money", then spent the next 20 minutes begging and petitioning for money.

    Reading between the lines, he seems to be referring to Jackson's ARC testimony.

    My best guess is that they are getting lots of letters from active JWs and/or complaints coming thru COs, about how shocking it appeared, or demanding an explanation. So they decided they would try to stem the tide, and hope this video will "inoculate" any JWs, from this point on, who happen to see it.

    He kept talking about "out of context". Problem is, Jackson's entire testimony, in fact pretty much all of the ARC investigation, is available on video. Any JW who wants to see the "context" can do so.

    And guess what? Seeing the context just makes the JWs and the GB look even worse.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    I sounds like the insular JW world is seeing some comments via social media about the issues that are routinely discussed on this site. This is a good thing. For them to devote an entire broadcast to it is telling. I'd like to know exactly what rumors they are talking about; most likely the child abuse testimony or lack of it, but maybe it is something else.

  • FedUpJW

    Jehovah, Jesus and the Faithful Slave. To a reasonable degree you also trust all of your fellow Brothers and Sisters...something else we need to trust in – God’s Word...

    There we have it. They have placed The Bible in LAST place!

    This is the man who “does not answer to Watchtower” and is “not related to Watchtower”. ”Watchtower does not have control” over him. This is no rumor, it’s well documented evidence and signed by himself. A liar and a fraud.

    He is, in his mind, telling the truth. HE does not answer to WT. HE is not related to WT. WT does not have control over HIM. WT answers to HIM! WT is related to HIM! HE has control over WT! After all when Jesus is supposed to turn over everything and subject himself to God the GB will be elevated to a position OVER even Jesus! "... they will rule, not only for a thousand years but for ever and ever."


    What an idiot. He’s just a delusional old man, desperate to remain relevant.

    What kind of an idiot talks about “The Slave” like it’s a real person, instead of saying, “You should trust ME, because GOD has promised ME immortality!!”

    Even Gerrit McSnorefest knows that would sound too culty...


  • eyeuse2badub

    I once heard a rumor that Armageddon was coming in 1975! I wonder who started that rumor? Could it be SATAN?

    just saying!

  • undercover
    So, whom do you trust? You fully trust in Jehovah, Jesus and the Faithful Slave. To a reasonable degree you also trust all of your fellow Brothers and Sisters

    Well well well, I see they have fully equated themselves with God himself now. Trust Jehovah, Jesus, and Us, the JW Holy Trinity. Popes R Us.

  • ttdtt

    WOW - SO its BLAME the Brother or Sister for what the GB does.

    Ask yourself, am I prone to believe rumors

    And you should trust us because we can prove we are faithful and true, or because we can prove these "rumors" are false? NO Trust us cuz doG has promised ups immortality. WTF?

    Shouldn't we then trust the Slave as well? To appreciate the extent of Jehovah's and Jesus' trust in the faithful slave, reflect on what he has promised it's members. He has promised them immortality and incoruption. Soon, just before Armageddon, the remaining members of the Slave will be taken to heaven.

  • freemindfade

    typical cult f-ckery


    I hope they keep this nonsense up, anyone itching to wake up it will send red flags.

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