March 2018 Broadcast - When quotes become rumors

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  • Listener

    This months broadcast is presented by Losche and he discusses the need for trust in the FDS. The following is transcribed from the 12.30 mark.

    Satan also has the scheme to spread rumors about our Brothers including the Faithful Slave. The method of spreading rumors is not new. When Jesus was resurrected and the tomb was empty, the soldiers that reported it were told to spread the rumor that the disciples cam and stole the body at night. quotes Matthew 28:15. Another rumor in the 1st Century was that Christians were responsible for the great fire of Rome...Historians say that it was Nero, the Emperor that set fire to the city...
    Today occassionaly rumors are being spread in electronic form about the Faithful Slave. This has brought some concern on the part of Brothers that especially when the reports are commenting on Court cases where some in the Organization were accused. Sometimes reference is made to certain quotes and readers then think 'how can a quote be a rumor?' A quote can be taken out of context. Critical reports often only give part of a matter and leave out other aspects. Often such rumors play on the emotions.

    Ask yourself, am I prone to believe rumors and even if I am, should I spread it and undermine the trust that others have in the Slave or a representative of the er Branch Office. Avoid sensationalism by something like 'Can you believe what I heard about this matter or that matter or this person or that person' referring to a matter that may have appeared on Facebook, Youtube or Twitter? The spread of rumors is like wildfire that is hard to control, it spreads distrust and can undermine someone's faith.

    This is not to say that the Slave is perfect and never makes mistakes but Jehovah and Jesus trusts the imperfect Slave who cares for things to the best of his ability and with the best of motives. Shouldn't we then trust the Slave as well? To appreciate the extent of Jehovah's and Jesus' trust in the faithful slave, reflect on what he has promised it's members. He has promised them immortality and incoruption. Soon, just before Armageddon, the remaining members of the Slave will be taken to heaven.
    Since 1919 of our common era, the Slave has been put in charge of some belongings of Christ. According to Matthew 24:47 when the anointed are taken to heaven Jesus will then at that point entrust all his belongings to them. Does this not reveal immense trust? Revelation 4:4 describes these resurrected anointed as co rulers with Christ. Revelation 22:5 says they will rule, not only for a thousand years but for eever and eever. What imense trust Jesus shows toward them. Since Jehovah God and Jesus Christ completely trust the FDS should we not do the same?
    Many servants of Jehovah in the past showed trust in Jehovah when confronted with obstacles or opposition. We can trust that Jehovah will not let us be tested beyond what we can bare but will provide a way out so that we can remain faithful under trials.
    So, whom do you trust? You fully trust in Jehovah, Jesus and the Faithful Slave. To a reasonable degree you also trust all of your fellow Brothers and Sisters...something else we need to trust in – God’s Word...
    It would seem that he is specifically addressing what Jackson said at the Australian Royal Commission but can't be bothered to be specific or to explain how he was taken out of context or even if he was.

    The bottom line is that Jackson is not accountable for what he said at the Royal Commission because -
    It’s just Satan who is behind the spreading of this information, so whatever he said doesn't matter.
    His comments have been taken out of context and we aren’t about to explain how this is the case but you’re just getting emotional about it all
    Even if you believe what he said, you don’t want to undermine the faith other Brothers have
    Repeating what he said just causes mistrust even if he said it.
    As part of the FDS, he is not perfect and makes mistakes
    He has the best of motives because he wants immortality therefore we don’t even need to explain to you what he really meant. And since we also have the purest motives we don't need to explain to you why he said what he did.
    God trusts him and so should you since we appointed him on behalf of Jesus who selected us as an organization since 1919 by putting us in charge of some of his belongings. Naturally this included the authority to appoint future members to the FDS including Jackson
    Since Jehovah has promised that he will be a co ruler in the future, this immense trust by him shows that we should do the same. It doesn't matter that Jesus will judge on this matter in the future we can speak on his behalf because of the 1919 appointment.
    If you see it as a test by God then it’s not because he knows you can deal with it.

    Jackson is a GB member and it is possible that he could be acting outside the unity of the other GB members or more specifically, outside approved doctrinal teachings but it appears that Losche is trying to establish that he was acting as part of the FDS during the Court Hearing. Even though they’ve made it clear before that it is only when they are together can it be said that the FDS is operating.

    No mention is given about the FDS becoming the evil slave and any future award has not currently been awarded or examined for worthiness by Jesus.

    The Commission found them to be the worst religion in handling child abuse accusations and instead of addressing this fundamental flaw and the very reason the Commission was looking into the Watchtower organization, they choose to make up a bunch of excuses for some of the things Jackson and the Branch said and misdirect the rank and file from the real issues.

  • Della Street
    Della Street
    To a reasonable degree you also trust all of your fellow Brothers and Sisters..

    when it comes to the GB, this means we should not trust them at all...

  • freddo

    Thanks listener ...

    From your transcript:

    "So, whom do you trust? You fully trust in Jehovah, Jesus and the Faithful Slave."

    There we have it - the JW trinity.

  • DesirousOfChange
  • joe134cd

    Wouldn't the best course of action be to address what these rumours are, and give an explanation to them.

  • moreconfusedthanever

    Hahahaha! Wondered when they would come up with something to address his performance in court.

    For those of us who watched the videos and read the transcripts, the "out of context" cover up won't fly. There will be millions who have no clue to what they are referring and will not bother looking into it. The GB wouldn't lie to us now would they?

  • steve2

    Would they extend this level of elastic rejection of rumor about anything non-JW? No. They’d encourage doubt and even rumor.

    But, brothers and sisters, when it comes to any “rumors”whatsoever about JW organization - and especially the Governing Body - do not give them a moment’s thought. Reject them immediately.

  • Dreamerdude

    Since Loesch references court cases plural, another court case he might be referencing is the Osbaldo Padron case in San Diego where Loesch himself tried to hide his relationship with wt. It is interesting that his sidekick for the broadcast is Leon Weaver, the new President of the Pennsylvania Corporation. I guess since that case is now closed he can show just how close he is to the corporation.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad
    Satan also has the scheme to spread rumors about our Brothers including the Faithful Slave.

    This is the GB in defensive-mode...what with 5th edition of Raymond Franz' CoC book out & available in 40,000 outlets!

    I'd be crappin in my pants too!:)

  • moreconfusedthanever

    A bit rich telling the rank and file not to take quotes out of context too. The GB are the Masters at doing just that.

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