March 2018 Broadcast - When quotes become rumors

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    I wonder what the R&F will think when the GB die one by one, and are steadily replaced by GB-Helpers who have been selected by “Jehovah” to take charge of the belongings/Real Estate of “Jesus”???

    For the current GB ( minus Sandwichson [ Sanderson 😂🐷] ), this fairly recent teaching of the rapture is do or die. Literally...

    When the current “theological construct” that doesn’t really exist, ( except when the GB come together like a Magical/Theological Voltron ) is replaced by another singular/collective group of younger men, will the R&F even blink as “Captain Planet” takes the wheel?? ( We know it ain’t Jesus..)

    If this isn’t a prime example of why we should not hesitate to escape the JW Sect and live our lives, then I don’t know what is.


  • sir82

    ( minus Sandwichson [ Sanderson 😂🐷] )

    LOL + 100

  • AverageJoe1

    A JW apologist called Bob (your typical apostate hater) on JWtalk had this to say:

    I was reflecting on the talk for this month. Trust. Who should I trust? Well, what has the media done for me? What effort have they put forth to teach me about God? What money have they spent in educating me about the Bible, Bible prophecies, God's requirements, what the future holds? All they have done is served as a conduit for our opposers, while hardly ever checking facts, because they want a juicy story.

    On the other hand, while the Slave is not prefect, they have spared no expense in education us about God, the Bible, God's future for us, and his requirements, all while not charging me a single dime.

    So why should I trust people who haven't done anything to teach me about God or the Bible, over those who dedicated their lives to helping me learn about God and providing the means to do it?

    What twisted reasoning! Erm the media aren’t a religious organisation so why would they make an effort to teach you religious stuff. Typical JW who lives in a bubble with no education and cries out “lies” to any JW criticism!

    Of course “the Slave” have spared no expense. They use all the money fleeced from their deluded followers!


    Wow! The delusion is strong in this one. The longer I walk this earth, the more I wonder if politicians and religious leaders and CEOs are all delusional, and if those who believe in them are delusional.

    Maybe when the book of Revelation and mentions religion, politics and business, it was actually correct? Perhaps not the prophecy aspect for our day, but maybe as long as humans are alive we will always have those institutions screwing the rest of us?


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  • compound complex
    compound complex

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  • smiddy3

    "This is not to say that the Slave is perfect and never makes mistakes but Jehovah and Jesus trusts the imperfect Slave who cares for things to the best of his ability and with the best of motives".

    Are they for real saying this ? So what they are saying is that Jehovah God or Christ Jesus can`t make sure what the Slave says is accurate or true ?

    Is Jehovah an Almighty God or not ?

    Is Jesus Ruling over the Christian (JW) Congregation or not ?

    If the Slave gives out misleading /wrong statements then obviously Jehovah /Jesus are not backing them and they are false prophets.

    "Since 1919 of our common era, the Slave has been put in charge of some belongings of Christ. According to Matthew 24:47"

    OH ? Their is almost nothing that was accepted or believed in 1919 that is accepted or believed today by Jehovah`s witnesses .

    In fact if you witnessed to or about the things that were believed in 1919 today and promoted those beliefs you would be DF as an Apostate simply because those beliefs are discarded today.

    So by extension if Jehovah accepted the IBSA (they were not known by the name Jehovah`s Witnesses back then ) in 1919 for what they believed .

    He Jehovah would reject Jehovah`s Witnesses today for not believing why he endorsed the IBSA in 1919 because Jehovah`s Witnesses today reject what was taught in 1919 as being old light therefore wrong.

    They can`t have it both ways .

  • jwleaks
    smiddy3 - "This is not to say that the Slave is perfect and never makes mistakes."

    The Slave made a big mistake in Victoria, Australia, in relation to their failure to comply with mandatory child protection laws, including the working with children laws and police checks for ministers of religion (i.e. every single elder). They were charged with multiple offences and summoned to appear in court.

    So bad was the 'mistake' that they even had it announced by their legal representative (a baptized sister) in public court that they do not exist except as a "theological arrangement."

    The unincorporated JW bodies that failed to attend court and answer the charges can now be sued for the 100's of millions of dollars in fines they were facing.

    Did they ever in their wildest spiritual dreams think that the Prosecutor was ever going to let them get away with it long term?

    Now the money can potentially go to the victims, the JW children, and not the State Treasury. Over Au$300 million in the first round.

    Add to that all the payouts from the Child Abuse Redress Scheme put together by the ARC. Up to Au$150,000 per settlement as determined by the State who will investigate the allegations and not the Watchtower- who will be sent the bill.

  • Listener
    Jehovah and Jesus trusts the imperfect Slave who cares for things to the best of his ability and with the best of motives.

    Some of them may have the best of intentions and they've certainly got where they are by being groomed to develop what their motives should be.

    The key word here is 'things'. People aren't things and that includes all the abused children.

    They just don't seem to realize that those 'things' are the organization itself and that is a fundamental flaw in their thinking. The organization/fds do not have love for their followers as their underlying motivation.

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