Have we become what we despise so much?

by Tenacious 75 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • OneGenTwoGroups

    I understand your concern, if it is regarding Bible believing Christian xJWs. They can't help but consider xJW atheists as fools, since there beloved book tells them to do so.

  • Simon

    Your analogy (insinuations?) don't really work much beyond face-value.

    First of all, we don't put on any false front. People can read the forum and often "lurk", sometimes for years, before deciding to post themselves, Sure, we welcome people but "love bomb"? I think that's a bit strong - nearly everyone is anonymous ... the concept just doesn't work. We provide moral support because that is all we can from across the internet to a name and avatar.

    Everyone is welcome on the site to stay and post as long as they adhere to the fairly common and typical rules designed to enforce minimum expected standards of behavior and civility.

    Unfortunately, not everyone chooses to. We welcome people but don't suffer fools. If people want to be antagonistic then they get scathing replies. Hardly shock news on any community site. I don't like when people are unnecessarily aggressive to newcomers or even those who are JWs challenging the "doubts". I've tried to keep on top of that and set a tone for discourse and overall I think we do pretty well self-policing the community standards.

    Some people don't mean to be antagonistic but are hurting and damaged and sometimes lash out, possibly due to the internal conflict they are feeling - they may be angry at the lies they've been told and decide the fault is the ones who exposed them and pulled back the curtain, not the wizard that told the lies to them. It's sad and unfortunately but not everyone can be helped and want to comply with the site rules.

  • nicolaou

    I think you are ascribing bad motives to people you don't understand when you talk of posters creating a "false sense of security".

    We all want to help JWs exit the cult, a few of us want to encourage a slightly longer journey out of religion and irrationality altogether and still others want to promote 'real Christianity' (whatever that is).

    Sure, some folks are more sensitive than a thick skinned old rhinoceros like myself but we are all adults and I think 99% of us genuinely try to take people's feelings into account. I do, but I won't ever compromise on being truthful to spare offense or upset.

    That would be disrespectful and patronising.

  • jhine

    LP Wasanelder says we are all human and " suffer" from human nature . So yes , people get worked up sometimes and sound off , but 99℅of people on here are genuine and don't feign kindness for any ulterior motive . Being human also means that we can empathise with others and reach out to them in times of trouble and need .

    Onegen can I , respectfully ! , say that that can be both ways .


  • Dunedain

    I am a fairly new member here, as I have joined this forum only about 4 or so months ago, and I can say that the "situation" that is mentioned in the OP, I have NOT experienced.

    I, for one, was not loved bombed when I got here, and I do NOT mean to say this as a bad thing. I just jumped right into the conversations, and sharing of experiences that we all have from coming from a common "place" like being an ex or current JW.

    I did not start a "welcome" thread for myself, either. I wanted to "show" myself by my posts, my thoughts, my opinions, and what I could contribute. As a whole, so far, I have pretty much gotten along with everyone here. I have started topics, I have posted in many threads, and I have read many things.

    I do not feel any different from when I first joined, than to where I am here, months later. It seems to me, that most here are decent, sincere, and friendly people, and I am able to get along with most here. Differences of opinion, have not changed, from when I was "new", to now. I don't see it. No "love bombing", and fake welcoming, by anyone here, just instant friendships, and decent, intellectual discusions, both from the first day I joined till right now. Maybe, this is just my experience only, but it IS my experience, so far, here.

  • Hadriel

    I would suggest that argument when done in a non attacking way (no personal insults, attacking of family etc) can be quite healthy actually.

    Although your point is fair and I see where you're coming from at the end of the day it is indefinitely better to disagree than to wander along mindlessly clapping uncontrollably for Jehovah's blessing of typhoon sand on a construction project all the while ignoring another typhoon that brought death and pain to 33 of his people 22 of which were huddled in a Kingdom Hall.

    Constructive discussions even when we don't like to hear what others are saying can be helpful. It molds all of us as we shape one another. For with out this natural staple of life things would be rather boring and without difference.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Many ex or present J.W.'s come here looking for some kind of encouragement, comfort, reassurance that they're not alone in the world, having abandoned the CORPORATION, so intolerance and ridicule of their sincere Bible beliefs may give them the feeling of having jumped from the frying pan into the fire.

    Vitriol will never encourage an open and respectful discussion, and will only add to a person's cult-induced traumas.

  • Daniel1555

    I am here for nearly 3 years and I can't agree with you.

    The welcome words are true and sincere, as it is a reality that you are free to talk and tell your feelings in this forum without any fear to lose your family or be viewed a despicable person.

    Of course there are topics with debate and argueing but mostly thus remains respectful. By thinking about different arguments and views I am learning a lot.

    This forum is a great place to be.

  • coalize
    My view : how i'm happy now to be able to say "I disagree" without to enter in a hurricane of talks with elders...
  • cofty

    Tenacious you could always start your own forum where nobody is allowed to disagree and every sort of crazy superstition is applauded by the whole group.

    I find your appraisal of this forum to be false and patronising.

    some members are quick to bash and berate someone's belief can be equally disconcerting and psychologically damaging

    Some posters are willing to examine their beliefs and expose them to evidence to the contrary. The precise opposite of life in the cult.

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